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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Onassis Alliance review, We have in-depth evidence to prove that the Onassis Alliance system is scam. Don’t fall for this scheme to rip you off. They’re only after your money! We conducted a full blown investigation with the intention of listing the pros and cons of the Onassis Alliance Website, but the truths that we discovered revealed absolutely no evidence of legitimacy so there is nothing positive to tell you about this vile flim flam attempt. Read on so you’ll know what we do about Onassis Alliance Autotrader.

Rain or shine, you won’t make $650 an hour or $7,500 a day. Instead, you will be frustrated by trading losses and convincing yourself that Onassis Alliance scam will prove itself in the subsequent trades. However, that will never happen with a robot that only ‘’scans the market’’ to make poor decisions. So to save you this pain, we decided to come up with an honest opinion and advice in this Onassis Alliance review.

Website: onassisalliance.co


Onassis Alliance Review – Onasis App is a Scam?

We have already ruled out the possibility of making $650 per hour. It is not possible. Secondly, we’ve ruled out the possibility of this Onassis Alliance software maintaining an accuracy rate of 97.4%. No trading robot has those capabilities. Only fraudsters proclaim what they don’t know and stating it like it is a fact. You don’t have to be fooled by these countless scams that emerge with the same claims every other day.

The reason why we are against such bizarre claims (Onassis Alliance app’s $625/hour) is because no too-good-to-be-true offer has ever turned out to be a genuine offer. History can never lie. Trends are consistent, and one of the trends we have seen in this industry is that robots that claim a high or impossible win rate end up becoming a disappointment to those who use them. You need examples? Take a look at Quantum Code or Gemini 2.

Let’s be clear on this; Onassis Alliance software is not an exception. It can be categorized as the worst scam ever produced towards the end of 2016. Even if we were to take into account this claim that Onassis Alliance system was using secure and safe cutting edge technology to enter and exit positions in the market, would we have an assurance of not losing a single dollar? Not really. Losing is part of the game, and anyone who tries to change this fact is obviously a thief.

Fence trading: OMG!

We never want to hear the phrase ‘’fence trading’’. It is dangerous people! Apparently, this Onassis Alliance scam proclaims the same things which we don’t want to hear. We already know that fence trading doesn’t work, unless you’re sure to open 2 positions at the same strike rate. That way, you will win one position and lose the other. But we can never have this talk of opening a counter-position in a bid to recover from the first position which is clearly going to end in losses. One of the reasons to come up with this negative Onassis Alliance review.

Come on! It is not mathematically correct to say that you will make profits for every losing position which you counter with fence trading. If you did this, you would end up with a series of losses. This is not what you want. Unfortunately, Onassis Alliance signals are promoted based on this idea that has proved irrelevant. To cut long story short, winning with fence trading is a myth. Again, anyone who claims success with this method is a thief.

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The explanation behind how this Onassis Alliance system works

We laughed to tears when we were told how Onassis Alliance software was supposed to open and close trades. The only explanation we were given was that the software scanned the markets in order to place trades if there were opportunities. That’s everything they could say about the algorithm of this software.

Can we accept such a shallow explanation as to how Onassis Alliance program works? No way. That’s something you can use to fool a 3-year old, not a seasoned trader who has accumulated a significant amount of experience on their back.

Live trade recordings

These were fabricated and then presented to the naïve trader with the intention to deceive them. If these recordings were live, we would see the entry and exit prices. We would see the direction of the trade and duration as well.

The reason why this information is omitted is because Onassis Alliance scammers feared we could go behind their backs and confirm if the said entry and exit prices were accurate at the stated time. Again, even if this table was not fabricated, it is practically impossible to open and close trades without leaving your footprints behind. This footprint is the history of your trades. So we expect to find your entry and exit prices, date, time and so on.

Jed Onassis of Onassis Alliance Software? Is he real?

We don’t even know why we are having this discussion in the first place. Onassis Alliance ‘CEO’ Jed Onasis is an experienced con artist who has never traded on the financial markets before. He is a wannabe and a deceiver. We can’t find him anywhere on the internet. The only place where you will find him is in those fake Onassis Alliance reviews written by corrupt publishers who get paid to promote scams. There are no endorsements or third-party approvals on this software. This makes us even more suspicious given that this software is promoted as the most successful and profitable robot that one can use on the internet. If it was as genuine as they claim, we would have probably seen it on the media.

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Conclusion :

Beyond any doubt this trading system is a scam. The presentation web-page is full of lies and over-promising claims. During our investigation, we failed to find any reliable information that can provide some credibility to this service. Practically, the presenter is dishonest about everything: the win rate, the estimated wealth, the testimonials, etc. In this line of thinking we can assure you one thing! Signing up with this online opportunity will be disaster for you!


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