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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Option Figures scam website offers the opportunity to make over $7000 in daily profits!! We came upon the site and gave it our full attention. The first question that came to mind was “is Option Figures app a scam?” There were enough red flags flying in the initial presentation to make us believe that it was. After conducting a thorough investigation on the too good to be true claims, we found clear evidence that the system is in fact a lousy scam. Here is our Option Figures review with proofs that makes us certain and the information that you need to know.

Website: option-figures.com

Option Figures Review

Why Option Figures is a Scam?

Sketchy video

The narrator of the video never appears in person. We only see photographs of him. He goes by the name of Josh Jonas. This gave us something to go on for verfying his identity as an expert in the binary trading industry, as is mentioned in the video presentation. He claims that with help from a programmer he created the Option Figures software that increases the percentage of binary trading wins.

Inconsistencies that we identified

We discovered that the exact same video was used a in a previous version of this Option Figures system offer. It wasn’t changed at all. We looked for any proof of Josh Jonas as a figure in binary options trading. There was nothing in social media or any other information that could verify that this person even exists. If he was a real person and the program worked as well as stated then why wouldn’t there be more information available about it? Why wouldn’t people who made money be talking about it outside of the website? The logical conclusion is that Josh Jonas is a fictitious character that is made up for the script of the Option Figures program video.

Option Figures is using the wrong terminology

Binary trading system is the term that Jonas uses to describe the Option Figures scam. You won’t hear him refer to it by its proper name, binary options trading. The scam is so poorly thought out that they don’t even use the right words to describe it. Any pro in the industry would be able to pick this out and ridicule the entire ploy. If Josh Jonas were truly a binary tradings professional, then he would not continue to use the wrong words to describe it.

Who is George?

George claimed that he discovered a machine that can be making money for anybody. We checked his antecedents in the binary options market, and we discovered that he is nothing but a scam. First we did not get his other name, and that was to make it difficult for anybody to identify him. If he was a successful trading signal service creator, he will not find it hard to identify his real identity. We checked for his Option Figures trading software on the internet and we discovered that it is not doing well at all. George is not anywhere near the binary options market. He does not have any social media profile. He was a fast actor; and he was hired from fiverr.com to present the fake trading robot.

Fake Option Figures testimonials 

Another thing we discovered about this robot is that information given about the app is fake. They have presented testimonials from Roger who claimed to have earned more than seven thousand dollars from the app within a week.

Another trader called Nicole claimed that he has earned more than nine thousand dollars from the robot. Andy another fake trader claimed that he earned more than twelve thousand dollars from the Option Figures software.

Amber another trader who gave evidence about the app claimed to have earned more than nine thousand dollars and Scot another trader claimed to have earned more than thirteen thousand dollars. All these were earned within one week of using this trading robot.

We have checked these Option Figures testimonials and we discovered that they were all faked. They were equally hired from fiverrs.com to give the fake evidences. You should not believe any of the information presented here, because they would simply mislead you. If you want an app that can earn you money, you should not think of Option Figures because it is nothing but fraud.

1 – https://uk.fiverr.com/kymmypops   2 – https://www.fiverr.com/marketingxpert5


Licensing and business registration

We tried to find proof that the Option Figures Software is owned by a legitimate business. We could find no evidence in existence anywhere that it is registered and we could not identity the real owners. Who is paying taxes on the profits? At a bare minimum, the owners would be guilty of tax fraud if the business really generated the type of profits that they claim. If Josh Jonas really was a multimillionaire, there would be proof of it somewhere, but there is not.

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You must invest real money to use the Options Figures program

You cannot start trading until you have registered with one of their brokers and then made a deposit with them. Here is where your risk becomes apparent. In addition to this, after using the Option Figures app for three months you will be obligated to pay a fee to continue using it. The fee is $97 per month and if you don’t pay, you can’t use it.

Why would anyone want to invest money into a system that has no proof whatsoever of validity? There is no concrete evidence to support the existence of Josh Jonas or any of the people who give their testimonials in the video. Any legitimate business in existence will use every piece of information possible to show that they are trustworthy. With the Option Figures program, there is nothing to show but a web of deceit and lies that are told by actors who are merely reading a script.


Who is most likely to be taken in by the Option Figures Scam?

It is directed at people who have very little or no experience with the binary options trading industry. It is obvious because of the sloppy way that the creators put this sham together. They not only fail to use the correct terminology used by pros in the business, they show screen shots that are enough to make experts roll their eyes in disgust. Anyone who has experience in binary options trading will know immediately that Option Figures software is not a legitimate money making opportunity. There is no such thing as instant riches in this arena. It is a time consuming process that takes knowledge of the financial markets, careful analysis of the movements and being able to act at just the right time to make a fair amount of winning trades. There is no software that can guarantee winning trades that is currently known. Don’t buy the old story that this is new and innovative and one of the best kept secrets. We all know that secrets leak out to the public quickly and they’re not secrets anymore.

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We have no choice but to declare that the Option Figures is a scam. We found nothing to support it as being legitimate. The video rep is not verifiable, nor are the actors that give their scripted testimonies. Not one verifiable person was willing to step forward and lend their names to this program. We believe that it’s because this is a sham that was concocted by scam artists who do not want to face jail time for fraud charges. If you were considering joining this Option Figures system site we’ve just given you all of the information that you need to make the smart choice and avoid it completely.



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