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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Orion Code.  The Orion Code is another Binary options signals app that has turned into a web sensation from the previous few days. Orion Code software has created by Edward Robinson, who cases to be the Wall Street Wizard. The primary rationale of the tricksters behind this app is to make any new or existing financial trader trust that the Orion Code can make them $100,000 in next 30 days.

website :  TheOrionCode.com

The question is, is it conceivable to make $3300 in a day with Orion Code Scam? Obviously not. In this Orion Code Review, we are going to talk why you ought to avoid this scam system. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving this software a try, you should read this important article about the Orion Code signal.

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The shocking truth is that this Orion Code is  the copy version the Quantum Code Scam. This time, they have changed the name and they are so lazy to change the script of the promotional video. The Orion Code is brimming with exhaust guarantees and fake words, particularly how they will transform traders into moguls in a matter of weeks. The Orion Code platform is obviously created by a person named Edward Robinson. The miserable thing is that the Orion Code website has created only a couple of days back and has turned into a web sensation.


Orion Code’s creator, Edward Robinson, claims he is a tycoon and in that capacity, turn into a humanitarian who helps traders for free. He specifies that he is the CEO and author of the Orion Code Autotrader. Edward guarantees that the Orion Code application will make over $100K in just one month since this application is a no loss programming. He guarantees to pay $5000 from his own pocket if you happen to lose any trades. Presently, this sounds like paradise, it’s most certainly not. This is only a method of throwing a wide net to trap clueless financial traders.

How about we begin with the maker. Mr.Edward Robinson is really a performing artist named Jeff Gorham! We have discovered his bio in the Profile Theater, where his photo is conspicuously shown. We have likewise discovered that he is an individual from the official board at different social establishments. He is not some shabby Fiverr.com performing artist. Jeff Gorham is an on-screen character, famous for Sandy Blvd: The Movie (2012), Pogtown (2013) and A Change of Heart (1998). Subsequently, this implies we are managing a top of the line and costly creation. Which makes it significantly more convincing and perilous.


For instance, we saw him acting the part of Craig Phillips in the  Amissio Formula fraud. The same guy with a different name and get up, another company owner selling millionaire schemes!

Misleading Presentations

There is a fake countdown timer appears when you log on to the Orion Code Web page. It shows a few spots available and you need to hurry to register. Edward Robinson claims that 200 people turned into millionaires by using OrionCode App. Really? On the off-chance, if that would be the situation, then why there is not any information about any of those 200 tycoons? We haven’t found any single piece of information about any single millionaire who has used Orion and became a millionaire.

Amid the long forty minute presentation, we are informed that the Orion Code was completely created by a group of highly skilled people with NQS innovation, which is fundamentally innovative that predicts about 100% winning proportion. This innovation clearly places trades a squint of an eye and clients must not to stress since autopilot mode is accessible. Well, this is truly misleading. There is no relation between faster execution to win a trade. No matter how fast a software like Orion Code is, it has to place trades via a brokerage platform. As we know, brokers have a few seconds delay executing a trade. Therefore, it doesn’t matter about speed to win a binary trade.

Over 350 New Millionaires In A Year? Garbage!

Just in case anyone may still have the faintest hope that the Orion Code program may not be a scam, here’s the final nail in the coffin. The promotional video makes great play that the Orion Code software has created 350 new millionaires since going live over a year ago. We can prove this is a complete lie because the site was only even registered on 12/09/2016. Worryingly this suggests that the scammers behind this project intend to keep their site up and running for a fair while, and are anticipating a great number of victims.

As mentioned at the top of this Orion Code review – this is a very recent scam, that at time of writing has only been operational for just over a week. The bad news is that just a simple Google search will return not hundreds of happy millionaires but instead 100% testimony of people being fleeced for their entire deposits. With minimum investment being $250 the scammers are already generating a nice income for themselves – so whatever happens do not become another one of their victims!

Are there only 20 spots available?

No, this is just another marketing trick. Obviously the creators of this scam are dishonest and inside the video we hear a lot of lies. Those lies will be revealed pretty quickly, and the service will be proven as dangerous! That’s why they want to push as much people as they can with their initial launching. Don’t be fooled folks the limitation of the sits is just pushing into registration phony tactic!

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Conclusion :

It’s amazing – and terrifying – what a simple name change and a new presentation review movie can do. However with luck we’ve caught the Orion Code scam early enough to warn people that under no circumstances should they choose to engage with these criminals. Tempting and enticing as it may be to dream of sudden riches and security, the cold hard fact of the matter is that this is a completely fraudulent operation.

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