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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Pay My Vacation . We watched the Pay My Vacation Review video, and we have a strong evidences about this scam. Jack James is the person behind this scam Pay My Vacation system. He claimed that he has many financial experiences. Before joining the binary options investment, he was an accountant. He said that he has actually practiced as an accountant for ten years before venturing into the financial assets market.His story is not different from similar reviews we had here in the past. It is still about living out the life of the American dream. He told stories of how he came across his mentor who taught him everything about the financial assets market.

We watched the Pay My Vacation video with the aim of understanding how the system works. He claimed that the system was driven by his experience, as well as his knowledge. He said that he was in close contact with bankers and that they shared with him hidden inside information about the system, and based on what he learnt from them; he was able to generate winning signals.

He claimed that Pay My Vacation App maximizes trade and benefits for traders, adding that it can make more than 67.9 percent less trades when it is compared with similar apps. However, there is a problem with this claim. Most profitable trading apps have measures on the ground, which makes it possible for them to control risk and that is why trade can be set on auto basis. This risk control system is lacking in this app and that is dangerous.

After studying how the Pay My Vacation App works, it is strange to us how the claim by James that traders can earn as much as seventeen thousand dollars every day would be possible. This is not possible and it creates serious doubts whether James has previous experience of binary options market. His claims that his Pay My Vacation Auto Trader can achieve a winning ratio of 99.9 percent are a scam sign. There is no App that guarantees a winning rate of eighty percent. This claim compelled us to look deeper into the system to know whether anything useful would ever come out of it. We are certain that every claim made by this App cannot be verified because they are false. By the time we are finished with this Pay My Vacation review, you would see that there is any credible thing to be believed in this trading robot.

Why My Vacation by Jack James Is A Scam ?


We have several reasons to back our claim that Pay My Vacation software is one hundred percent scam. Here are some of red flags we discovered in the course of our review.

Fake Pay My Vacation Testimonials

We have reviewed the Pay My Vacation testimonial page and discovered that they are all lies. If you check through the video presentation, you would discover that some people made positive claims about the robot. We came across such names like Dan Rogers, Simon Adkins, and Helena Robertson and so on. We checked the image of these people and we are convinced that they do not have anything to do with the market. First is that the names do not correspond with the images. All the images were stock images. The images were simply copied from the internet and different names assigned to them. These people are not real traders and you should not take their evidence seriously.

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Who is Jack James ?

James claimed that he is the creator of Pay My Vacation software. We are finding it hard to believe that the man is the creator of the app. From all indications, we can conclude that this man does not exist. If he exists there should be proof of that. Right now, we do not have such proof. We searched the internet for the name Jack James and we did not see any information about him except this robot that we are reviewing here. The worst is that the man does not have a social media profile. His name is not anywhere near twitter, Google plus, Facebook and so on. If you are unable to trace his identity in these social media websites, then the man does not exist.

Fake Information about the workings of the Pay My Vacation App

One who has gone through the Pay My Vacation review videos would come with concrete information about how this trading robot works. We reviewed this app and we are certain that we do not know how it works. It simply means that this app does not work. James claimed that it is automated trading robot and that James sends signals himself. This information is misleading and nobody should believe it. It does not have any trading algorithm and there are no signals to send.

False Earnings Claim by Pay My Vacation Providers !!

James claimed that the app could guarantee 99.9 percent winning rate. This means that it can hardly lose any trade. This claim is significant because it appears that Jack James is trading something else other than the binary options market. If he does, he should know that there is no software that can guarantee that kind of earnings. This is a serious red flag and many people have blacklisted this app because of this false claim. Most annoying is the claim by James that Pay My Vacation can earn you between seventeen thousand dollars to over thirty thousand dollars every day and these have to happen with the two hundred and fifty dollars investment. This is a visible sign that this is a scam. It painted the picture that you would just harvest money once you plug the app.

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Conclusion : You Cannot earn money through this Pay My Vacation App

Do not make any mistake by investing with this Pay My Vacation system ; you are not going to earn anything even a cent if you use this fraudulent trading signal service. The signs are there that you are not going to make money. This is simply because it was not designed to earn money for you.The Pay My Vacation software created by Jack James is a complete scam. We have never seen a scam like this before. It was created with the sole purpose of stealing money from you. You have seen from the evidences provided above that it is scam. Do not waste your money on the system.

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