Pearson Profits Review – Scam Aware!

If you have been invited to join the Pearson Profits software, it is important to read this unbiased review. We have investigated it and have firm evidence that it’s a scam. You will see from reading our Pearson Profits review that there is no guarantee of making any money from the trading system and there is a real danger of losing money if you use the scam Autotrader.

What is Pearson Profits System ?

The Pearson Profits software is a point and click application that can be used on any PC, Mac or laptop. When it is set in the Autopilot Mode, the app allows you trade hands free when you are away from your computer.Members of the Pearson Profits Elite Club are told that they can get 24/7 help from the Customer Support Manager. There is also a regular Pearson Profits Newsletter and a number of resources available for members in the VIP area of the website.Chris Green is the Technical Director. The unnamed creator of the Pearson Profits system is likely to be the same person who previously promoted a binary options scam known as The Pearson Method.

The Pearson Profits System uses a complex algorithm that combines analysis with information gathered from Google, Facebook and Twitter to generate signals for sixty second binary trades. According to the presenter of the Pearson Profit video, this algorithm uses a mix of statistics and analysis in the same way that scientific data is assessed when determining pharmaceutical drugs usage and vaccinations. This method does not make much sense in relation to generating signals for sixty second binary trades!

Proof That Pearson Profits App Is A Scam!

Pearson Profits System

According to the Pearson Profits website, you can eventually expect to make a maximum amount of around $350,000 every month and you are “guaranteed” to make of $2368.30 every day! This is why you need to ask the question: “Is Pearson Profits a scam?” Our review investigations have confirmed that it is a scam. We have found a great many red flags and some solid proof that this software is not likely to make money on real trades.

The guarantee that you will make $2368.30 every day is entirely false. There is no way that anyone can claim a refund after failing to make money or losing everything on poor binary trades. There are no real trading results to show that daily profits are even possible with this App. The trading account shown in the video is just for demonstration purposes and it does not represent what will actually happen if you start to use the platform for real trades.

It is stated on the Pearsonprofits.com that profits of $2,428,225 have been generated in March by existing members. These must be imaginary members because none of them has posted an online review or confirmed their success on any reliable system review site.The “Live Pearson Profits Feedback” section of the website is never updated. The user comments are not live and the members are not real. There are two fake comment feeds which are supposed to look like they come from Facebook and from Twitter, but no genuine usernames appear in the messages. Only a first name is shown for each fake social media user. This is not how genuine social media messages appear in real message feeds.

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The Pearson Profits scam makes it look as if the invitation to join is only open to 30 people in each country. The video narrator gives a warning that if you click off the page your invitation will expire and you will lose the opportunity to join. It is stated on the website that if you are able to view the page, you have already successfully bypassed 3,000 people who want to join the program! This is clearly not true because we have been able to access the website more than once for our review, without receiving an invitation, and the opportunity is always there!

In the video, the person presenting the Pearson Profit system claims to have made $2.7 million from trading. If this was true, he would not need to give away the signals Autotrader just to earn an extra 5% from another 30 members. The truth is that he is not a real trader. He is just an actor playing a part on video.A very similar scam, which was called the Pearson Method, resulted in many people complaining about losing their money. We suspect that the person behind that scam is now re-launching his loss-making software with a slightly different name and a new website. We noticed that the demo account which appears in the Pearson Profits video is actually shown as the trading platform for the Pearson Method!

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What Happens When You Sign Up For The Pearson Profit System?

You can become a member just by entering a valid email address and clicking the button to sign up. There are no joining fees, but you will have to set up an account and fund it for trading with the automated software. The broker you use will pay 5% of all your earnings to Pearson Profits App.There are six different assets and pairs to choose from for your binary trades. You can set the trading robot to send signals for sixty seconds trades in gold, oil, NASDAQ, Bitcoin, Euro/US dollars or US/Australian dollars.

When you use the Autopilot Mode, the system will automatically copy trades from Pearson Profits signals. According to the website, these signals have a 98% win rate, but there is no actual evidence of their true accuracy and you will be risking your own money if you allow this unreliable auto trading system to pick all your trades for you.

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Conclusion – The Pearson Profits Software is Scam !!

Our review shows that there is nothing genuine about Pearson Profit system. The website is filled with fake comments and false promises. “Guaranteed” daily profits are not actually guaranteed and it is not true that millions have been made from this system. It is more likely that a lot of money will be lost from trading with this Pearson Profits software. It uses a trading platform that is identical to a similarly named system which has previously resulted in many losses.

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