Platinum Profits Review – Scam Aware!

We have exposed the bogus promises in Platinum Profits Review. Its a top Scam !! Avoid this software Right Now . We have been investigating the promises made by Platinum Profits for this review and we can confirm that we found plenty of evidence to show that it is a scam.

In our Platinum Profits review we reveal our reasons for believing that this trading software is a scam. We would not want anyone to lose money by trying out a free software offer and depositing funds in a trading account through a website offering access to a secret money making method. Our PlatinumProfits.co review will prove to you that there is no real foundation for any of the promises made about the Platinum Profits binary options trading system.According to Ross Barker, he wanted to create an autotrading app that would predict trends in the market and execute all the trades. His software programmers have been working on the algorithm for five years in order to create the Platinum Profits App, which uses a “risk free” secret system for trading in binary options.

Why Platinum Profits System is a Top Scam to Avoid !!

Platinum Profits Software

The Platinum Profits software has been developed by a team of expert programmers working for a business consultant named as Ross Barker. He has apparently discovered how to achieve big profits in a previously overlooked precious metal market, by figuring out his own secret trading strategy.Without the need for any previous trading experience you can open up and fund a trading account through the Platinum Profits App. Then you can start using the autotrading web based software. You are told that it will take you no more than four hours a week to make big profits from your automatic binary options trades in the platinum market.

The scam trading system sends Platinum Profits signals that are said to be based on analysis of trends in the platinum market over the past fifty years. You decide how much you want to trade and then the robot will execute all of your trades for you.The offer for using the autotrading app for free is supposed to be limited to the first twenty people who sign up. Then it will be available for $1997.If you take up the “100% free offer” it is on the understanding that when you have made your first $10,000 in profits you will are required to pay Platinum Profits team the full purchase price of $1997 if you want to continue using the autotrading software!

Fake Promises and Fake Platinum Profits Reviews Exposed 

In this section of our review we expose the evidence we have uncovered about the Platinum Profits scam, including some deceptive promises, meaningless guarantees and a complete lack of any proof that the system produces big profits from binary options trades in the platinum market.It is unusual for any binary options trading system to focus on a single market and we would at least expect to see some solid evidence of the trading results claimed by the creator of Platinum Profits software. In our research for this review we could find no proof that anyone is making money from the platinum market by using this system.

The scam promotional video is mainly about Ross Barker and how he started out by investing in stocks and achieving very average profits. He tells a story about how he has made a fortune since developing some secret strategies for binary options trading in an overlooked market. While his claim that the Platinum Profits software is the most lucrative could be true, we have no evidence that he really has actually found and is using a winning strategy.There is nothing to back up the claim made in the PlatinumProfits.co video that this is a “risk free” trading system. Platinum prices are just as volatile as any other precious metals and there is no possible way of winning every binary options trading in the market. You are expected to fund a trading account, which you create through the Platinum Profits website, before you can try out the free web based app, so there is a real risk of losing your deposit.

The Platinum Profits Method Video is Full of Lie’s 

A guarantee is given in the software video that you will make profits from day one, but there is nothing to tell you that you would get that money back if you were to lose your deposit on the first day of trading with Platinum Profits signals. The mention of a guarantee is just another scam tactic.The main selling point is that the Platinum Profits system is only available free to the first twenty people who sign up, but if that was true, you would expect the website to have closed down within hours. We have been researching for this review over a number of days and can tell you that the “limited” free offer is still available.

There would surely be more than twenty people signing up on the first day if this was a genuine offer of gaining access to free software that is supposed to be capable of generating $2500 in profits within fifteen minutes! It is typical of a scam to fake a limited free offer in an effort to pressurize people into signing up and parting with their money before they have had time to put much thought into what they are doing.

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It is obvious from what we have revealed in this review about Platinum Profits that there is nothing to back up any of the claims made by Ross Barker or any proof of results from his secret techniques for trading binary options software in the platinum market. He uses typical scam tactics by talking about a “risk free” money making system, without being able to back up any of his promises or guarantees.

The conclusion of this Platinum Profits review is that this is a scam trading system which should be avoided. There is no limited free offer and no way that a trader will get any money back if no profits are made from day one. Signing up for Platinum Profits will not provide you with anything that is guaranteed to be risk-free.Before your Join any Binary options product read our scam binary signals providers page .We expose all the fake systems here .Post your Feedback’s below .

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