Playboy Money Machine Review – Scam Aware!

The Playboy Money Machine system is an obvious Scam that we have reviewed recently. The alleged owner of this software tries to depict a lavish lifestyle by convincing you that only this Playboy Money Machine Robot can buy you the ultimate dream car, home and holiday destination. Also, this man called James Benson is a scammer who claims to be an international investor with solid trading profile. He is also purported to be a player and also an alumni of Harvard University. Unfortunately, those claims cannot be proved by evidence. At best, we can only say that Playboy Money Machine website is a naughty, sleazy, and ruthless money-making scheme which can never give you the financial freedom you’re craving for.

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Is Playboy Money Machine a Scam ? Important Review !!


This sleazy Playboy Money Machine review website was registered on March 4th, 2016. This is according to information retrieved on Who.is, a domain lookup platform that reveals registration identity of all websites on the internet. Apparently, this information isn’t at sync with what the so-called James Benson is saying concerning his profile. Remember that this is just a random man who is also an anonymous character claiming to have graduated with a Masters Degree in Psychology at the prestigious Harvard University.

His story is inconsistent with what he is offering so far. He claims that the Playboy Money Machine signals have been in use for the last few years. He also says that his Playboy Money Machine App is among the few most effective trading robots you can lay your hands on. But we can actually use the date in which he registered this Playboy Money Machine website as a clue of where your money will end up in once you sign up. This massive evidence suggests that this is a fraudulent operation aimed at traders who are doing it for the first time. We don’t think an experienced trader would sign up to use the Playboy Money Machine software.

Playboy Money Machine Scam: General Perception !!

What we have here is a ludicrous website playboymoneymachine.com which should be avoided at best if you don’t want to lose money.As soon as you arrive on this cheesy website, you will realize that the site is run by some naive and inexperienced individual who is not even acquainted with the binary options market. All trading robots that have since been blacklisted are characterized by these elements, and is the reason why the Playboy Money Machine system is viewed as a scam.

The Playboy Money Machine presentation is generally fast-paced, and marked by lots of pressure sales tactics. Like we have always said, pressure sales tactics are meant to convince the naive trader to sign up as soon as possible. You cannot buy this story of ”50 spots available” due to the fact that this software is freely available to anyone who wants to be scammed. It is not restricted to countries like they would want you to believe.

To cut a long story short, let’s say we hate this business of using fake countdown timers or offering 100% matching bonuses. Furthermore, it doesn’t sit very well with us when they claim that the Playboy Money Machine occasionally offers VIP events with limited spots. Those elements automatically make the website very suspicious to anyone who knows these tricks.

And for your information, why would you need to sign up for a VIP event? For what reason would you gamble away your investment with a bogus matching bonus? Did we mention that such bonuses don’t exist, especially if promised by software developers?

Restricted to 30 VIP Members only

Again, these claims are meant to hurry you into signing up for this review software. The Playboy Money Machine system is not an exclusive lounge where only limited players are allowed. This sort of presentation is aimed at ripping off new traders who don’t have an understanding of how the markets work.

The Playboy Money Machine software is vile and vicious. They want this system to go viral, hence the aggressive marketing effort that is going into this promotion. In return, they hope to net a few individuals who will not have a problem trusting them with their hard-earned $250.

Also avoid the recent scams Disrupt Trading Software & Regal Wealth system.

Fake Playboy Money Machine Reviews and Testimonials !!

You should not have a reason to trust this software because it is not legitimate. The recorded testimonials and reviews are issued by paid actors. The CEO of Playboy Money Machine App and his dancing companions can easily be found on websites like Fiverr. You can hire them for a nominal fee.

Look at the fat bank balances, lavish lifestyle and trust badges. You will soon get a feeling that this is a sales gimmick aimed at concealing what the Playboy Money Machine actually is. They’ve been carefully orchestrated to make this trading robot look genuine when it’s not. This is not the first time we are seeing this kind of thing.

In fact, the only person whose pocket grows fatter at the end of the day is the owner of this trading app. He has team up with some dodgy brokers hopping to rip you off anytime — something that they will successfully do as soon as you fund your trading account. We don’t think this sort of gambling is worth it.

In short, we have inched towards the negative side of this Playboy Money Machine software because it deserves to be exposed. It has many red flags that clearly say a lot about it. If you want to be successful in trading binary options, you must be realistic beside getting a trading robot that works.

Don’t think you’ll turn into a millionaire the next morning you login to your account. Also, stay away from software products claiming to make $2,000 a day and above. Those are meant to mislead and pump your adrenaline for no reason.

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Conclusion On The Playboy Money Machine App  !!

The Playboy Money Machine is such a disgusting scam system especially if you consider the fact that lots of honest trading robot developers are beginning to penetrate the market. Honest software developers will always insist on using technical analysis to win trades. This way, you get the best odds when using their creation. We therefore want to warn everyone to refrain from using this bogus Playboy Money Machine software. It is only best at gambling away your money and losing every trade that it enters. This is a truth that you will probably not be told when signing up. So keep off.

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