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In this detailed review we expose Power Profit Platform as Scam !!.This is supposed to be automated software, which will earn money for you and trade on your behalf. If you have any intention to use this system, wait until you have read this Power Profit Platform review.If you invest your money on this trading app, you are going to lose your deposit, as soon as you have deposited them. Available information about it is not believable.

It has already come to our notice that those behind Powerprofitplatform.com software are already sending scam messages to those they suspect to be binary options traders to deposit the sum of $250 for the trading app. If you have received such a message, make sure that you do not path with your money, because it will never yield you anything. By the way, if they claimed that their product is profitable why should they be begging you to use it.The man behind the Power Profit Platform software is George Serriton. He claimed that he is offering his system free. Before you can use this App to trade any live trading account, you must deposit at least $250 to a broker they will select for you. This then means that the Power Profit Platform system is not free. The most worrisome thing about the software is that the brokers they will select for you are not known anywhere and some of them are already listed in our scam list.  There is even the fear that these fake brokers are behind the fraudulent signals bot.

Talking about the founder and the chief executive officer of Power Profit Platform method George Serriton is not a real person. There is evidence to suggest that the man is actually a trader or that he was a real person. She has no social media profile anywhere and if he is a successful trader as he has said, he would have an account with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, but there is nothing like that.

Why Power Profit Platform System is Scam ? Evidences

Power Profit Platform

In our efforts to find out the truth about Power Profit Platform App, we decided to check out the details about all those who have anything to do with the trading app. The result we got about them is not encouraging. Starting from George Serriton mentioned earlier, we are certain that his pictures were taken from the web. You can check his picture on the search engines like Google and others, and you can see from where his pictures were taken from. He claimed that he is worth more than $10 M and there is no real trace of him anywhere. His story about working for an insurance company is not true. Since he is non-existent, it is difficult to trace his information about an insurance company.

Fake Power Profit Platform Positive Reviews Exposed !

The other important fact about Power Profit Platform Program that makes us conclude that it is a scam is the fake positive reviews in some websites. They have failed to tell us how they make the money from a system that is yet to enter the market. The fact remains that Power Profit Platform App is yet to enter the market, and one may begin to wonder how those reviews made the millions they claim. There is no evidence to show that it was beta tested. George Serriton himself claimed that he is looking for twenty people to test his bot for free.

Unbelievable Profits Figures 

The Power Profit Platform site makes bogus claims. It is obvious from the claims that those behind this do not know anything about the financial assets market. It says that you make millions of dollars in the system. It is obvious that you cannot make that type of money within the time promised by the creators. Professional traders know that the binary options market is a volatile market, and it is not possible that you must always win the trade. It is obvious that Power Profit Platform is a fraud, and you are going to waste your money if you invest in that.

Fake Power Profit Platform Software Earnings Data in Website 

If you check the earning information posted on their Powerprofitplatform.com video, you will understand that the information is fake. We are sure that the image was created using Photoshop technology. If you were planning to use the app on the strength of the earning posted, it is better not to use it because it was based on fake information. If it is a profitable system, why should it be using a fake earnings to proof its earnings. It is apparent that this is a scam and you cannot make any money if you use it.Before you sign up, The Power Profit Platform website will demand your contact information such as your email before you can gain access to the second page .Why should the system demand for your email address? The reason is to send spam mails to you. If you send them your email information, you should be sure to be receiving spam messages from them.

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Conclusion – Avoid this Power Profit Platform Scam !!! 

You have seen enough information in this review to convince you that Power Profit Platform software is a scam. If you decide to invest your money, you are bound to lose your money. If you want a profitable trading app, there are enough of them here that can help you to achieve your objectives.

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