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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Profits Eternity review with facts. This software is a pure scam that is out to steal your money. We have the evidence gathered by our expert investigators and presented in this Profits Eternity app review. The system is a binary options trading app that passes itself as an auto trading platform. What this means is that one will make money without them even lifting a finger. The Profits Eternity scam goes by the name Oracle Profits Eternity. In the video found at the website, you will get to meet the video presenter who identifies herself as Jane Creswell.

The video begins with a montage of small videos grabbed from news media. They are of past events discussing how people are starting to make money from the comfort of their home. In between the videos, a Profits Eternity testimonial video has been inserted. The testimonial basically says that they make thousands of dollars every day at the comfort of their home. They are not clear what jobs they do in order to make this money.

As you continue with the video, you will get to learn that Profits Eternity software is created by one Jane Creswell. She is said to be a former professor of Mathematics from Oxford University. Using his knowledge in mathematics, she created the Profits Eternity app which utilizes an algorithm that helps one to make $2600 daily. The Profits Eternity system is designed to have a success rate of 88.7% which is actually abnormal. The video presenter continues to explain that Jane took advantage of Edward Thorp’s idea of beating blackjack.

The fake presenter proceeds to say that Profits Eternity signals have been around for the last four years. Since then, Jane Creswell has been able to make $167 million using the Profits Eternity program. This is a huge fortune and there should be a mention of the guy on news or financial media sites. You will be surprised by the revelation in our evidence section.

Website: profitseternity.com

Profits Eternity Review

In the 4 years that Profits Eternity software has been around, it has not made any losses. This is attributed to its 88.7% success rate. How is this possible? You don’t have to be a rocket engineer to figure out that Profits Eternity scam is for real. There is no way a software can have such a high success rate especially for such a long period of time.

Even in the video, the lady presents a lot of contradicting information which raised a lot of queries with our investigators. This is the reason why we decided not to take the claims made by Profits Eternity program presenter on face value. We had to carry out our own investigation in order to bust these scammers in their own game.

Profits Eternity is a SCAM – Evidences Below ↓

Domain name registration contradicts with information presented

We have already told you that in the video presented by the unknown lady, she reveals that she founded this scam 4 years ago. In our Profits Eternity review, we have also revealed that the video presenter claim that the signals founder made $167 million during this period. Furthermore, the Profits Eternity software has not been able to lose any trade which means it has had success all throughout.

We decided to investigate and learn if the information presented is true. We started by checking the domain date registration. The Profits Eternity website domain was registered on October 19th 2016. You don’t have to be a genius to note that the registration date was not from four years ago. This begins to tell you that the information presented is composed of lies.


Stolen security badges

It is common for websites that incorporate payment systems to have verified security badges. This is in accordance with technology guidelines as this helps to present the website as secure and trusted. When you check the domain name of Profits Eternity app – profitseternity.com you will see that it starts with HTTP. A secure website starts with HTTPS and not HTTP. What this tells you is that the badges presented at the bottom of Profits Eternity website are stolen. They are not genuine.

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Dead links of Profits Eternity system website 

At the bottom of the front page, you will see four links. They include contact us, US government required, disclaimer and terms of use. You would expect that the links would redirect to relevant documents and electronic forms. When you click on them, they redirect you to the first page. If a trader had a query to ask before they even sign up, they would not be able to do so. This is not a technical hitch. Ask yourself this, how the developers could spend all that time and resources to develop their so-called Profits Eternity software but they could not insert genuine links.


Profits Eternity App Founder Jane Creswell is FAKE

In the video available on the website, the lady says that she, Jane Creswell is the founder of Profits Eternity program. She continues to describe herself as a Professor from Oxford University who used to teach Mathematics. The so-called professor is said to have used an age old principle – Edwards Thorps Idea of Beating Blackjack. Using this knowledge, the “good” professor came up with the Profits Eternity program. The Profits Eternity system is said to be an auto trading binary options app that allows one to make $2600. This is possible thanks to its high winning rate of 88.7%.

We decided to investigate and learn if Jane Creswell does exist and if the information presented is correct. We started by checking popular social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have made $167 million, you are bound to have a professional profile on social media where you can share tips regarding your success. Guess what – no information on the lady exists.

We decided to check news and financial magazines. Still no mention of this Jane of Profits Eternity scam. We headed over to Oxford University website to check if the guy had completed any dissertation. Well, we were not surprised when results were not available.

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Conclusion :

This review ended to be slightly longer but we really want to cover most of the dubious content. Anyway, beyond d any doubt we talk about dishonest trading service. The presenter is fake identity, the results, estimated profits and the whole storyline inside profitseternity.com is fictitious! Our advice here is simple – stay away from this dangerous scam!


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