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The Power Profit Platform scam is yet another one-page low budget Binary Options bot that you should not waste your time with. Make $10 million with this? Actually I think that you have a much better chance of getting struck by lightning twice while you’re winning the lottery! These type of systems that claim that they make these crazy amounts of cash always tend to not have a face to them.

For some reason, the developer of the system doesn’t want to show his face, except for a stock photo that’s shown for less than a second. So even though he claims his system turned him into a multi-millionaire, he doesn’t appear live on the video. I wonder why? Oh, I know, maybe because Power Profit Platform is a scam!

With clear and valid evidences we expose The Pump Trades App as Scam Software and explains the negative side. This PumpTrades software review shows how this system masquerades as a genuine trading platform when it is not. Those who claim to be behind this method are not genuine with the public and target to steal from new traders.In addition the Pumptrades.com providers invites everyone to make a lot of money even with little or no knowledge of technology. This scheme invites false witnesses to state that they have made a kill from this software.

However, reviews show that any positive gains that this system claims are false.The different and luxurious life that the Pump Trades App promises does not exist. It claims to be an auto-advanced trading software that makes its users rank highly. It also claims to be beneficial even when the user does not understand how it works.Its developers display fake successful members reviews as evidence of the benefits of this system. Most Pump Trade members claim to make hundreds of thousands in gains from trading after one or two months. It also includes false profit withdrawal claims from customers.The live video from the developer shows fake testimonials about the profitability of this system. It promises massive returns to as many as join Pump Trades method. Furthermore the creators of this scam lures customers to sign-up and pay a one-time amount of $2,990. Users are also required to sign-up with their names and email.

Power Profit Platform Scam Review Summary

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: No
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes, absolutely!
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: 100%
  • Price: Free, but it will cost you!
  • Available In: Everywhere? 

Why The Pump Trades Software Is Scam ? True Facts

Pump Trades Software

This App claims to be simple and greatly automates the trading to keep you out. Its founders can therefore justify how you make loses when you lose your investment. There are illegitimate claims to prove its trading success but you should not believe this.It works on auto-pilot and buys stocks on behalf of users. This Pump Trades software works on many platforms in order to attract as many users as possible. What these users do not know is that the benefits only go to a few pockets of the founder of this system.It does not require prior experience, and this makes it lure new traders easily. The claims of owning a vacation home, dining at fancy restaurants and holidays are a lie. It claims to have limited spots which never end.

Fake Pump Trades System CEO Exposed !!

The founders pressure users to join the Pump Trades scam, and require them to act fast to prevent them from putting together what is happening. It is a complete waste of time and not worth a penny either.This system was founded as another getting-rich-fast and money stealing scheme. There is no-one to be accountable for loses that traders make. It further claims that users can trade based on the Pump Trades signals in order to take advantage of its trades.

It does not even let traders make their own trades, and its mode of operation requires traders to just sit back and relax. It is a misleading software that does not state exactly how the winnings come about. It also uses tricks to make it difficult to make-it out as a scam.Alex Stewart is the CEO and founder of Pump Trades software. It is a risky system that does automated trading on behalf of traders. He encourages new traders to join this signals App with guarantee of wins but it is not fail-proof. He does not state his prior experience in binary trading and does not know anything about what it takes to win in binary trading.He created a scheme to benefit him and a few others from the pockets of unsuspecting traders. Alex Stewart is majorly involved in fabricating the reviews and cannot be trusted.

Power Profit Platform Scam, For Sure!

I’m not perfect, I sometimes make mistakes when reviewing Binary Options trading systems, but when you see a system like this one, there is just no doubt in my mind at all! There is no way that Power Profit Platform is a legit system, no chance.

When the video starts out, there really is no substance to it, all that George Serriton tells us is that Binary Options trading is great, that’s he’s already made over $10 million with it in a couple of months and that he wants you to give him his email. Really, that’s it. Now, we realize that the marketers of these systems often feel the need to inflate some of the results, and normally we would allow for that, but claiming that he made $10 million while the site promoting it looks like a $10 job convinces no-one!

If the fake George Serriton thinks that all he needs to do is to flash a couple of bogus bank statements, show us a stock photo of him driving in a car, and add some bogus images of expensive houses and cars, he is very very wrong.

Power Profit Platform Admits To Illegal Trading Manipulation

Not only do the makers of Power Profit Platform make crazy claims about the amount of money they can make you, they also tell you outright that they manipulate the trades at the broker to supposedly help you win. Look for yourself, they claim to alter up to 8 losing trades per day!


If you think that’s a good idea, consider what they’re saying. They are basically saying that irrespective of how people trade, they simply go in and alter the outcome to whatever they want! That is illegal and they are admitting to it! When you trade Binary Options, you essentially trade against someone with an opposite trade, that is why there are set expiry times. All those trades get lumped together, and the traders that got it right takes the money of the traders that got it wrong, according to the payout percentage – normally 85%. The broker takes the remaining 15%, and they possibly make money on some of the margin too. The point is there is no such thing as allowing brokers to edit trades. They don’t care if you win or lose, they make money either way.

The Pump Trades App Is No Winning !! Review Of Signals 

The amount paid upfront to Pump Trades program is a lot, and it is sad if you imagine thousands of users paying this amount and getting nothing in return. The Pump Trades App is an auto-trading software that uses a complex algorithm that users cannot understand. It counts on this in order to steal from unknowing trading.In addition, it does not achieve its said success rate of 92.5 percent. It is inaccurate but makes the trader feel that they lost because they did not trade intelligently.

Its private community and supposed verified brokers are all made-up in order to convince traders to join this Pump Trades platform. Some of the manufactured witnesses even claim to have left their jobs after just three months.It similarly claims to make money even when users do nothing.What the Pumptrades.com founders claim as news that highlights this system as the top trading software in 2016 is false, and are claims by unknown publishers and media.It also falsely claims to be free when there is an initial subscription fee with no guarantee of winnings. Additionally, it is easy to sign-up because as soon as you do, you begin losing money.

You should therefore be warned that this Pump Trades software is a scam, and you should stay away from it for your own good. There are those who have even claimed to retire suddenly after trading with this program. All this does not make sense and shows you the lengths that this software goes to to deceive new traders.It does not fulfill the dreams it claims to. It is a fraudulent automated system whose promises are insane and do not actually happen.They have many fake Pump Trades reviews that aim to get the user to sign-up and lose. The blogs and positive reviews are part of the developers’ plan, and they write these themselves.This software has no solid base for a profitable background and only wants to misrepresent what users can get. The presentation video also claims to make users rich but this are just words of an actor to get you to sign-up.

If you are looking for trusted binary products see the reviews of the top performing Auto traders , the Virtnext Autotrader , Centument LTD and the Dow Jones Focus Group reviews.


Conclusion – The Pump Trades Software Is Scam !! Avoid Right Now !!!

The Pump Trades system is a scam and no-one should even consider going for it. If users do not take precaution and stay away from this App, they are bound to lose a significant sum of their hard-earned money.There are some disturbing facts about this system that clearly show that is a scam. False reviews claim that it allows its users to live in luxurious location after a few months of trading but this cannot be traced to real life users.

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