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Heyy I am Here Again With this Important review; The Rapid Income Method is a dangerous scam. We have gathered more than enough evidence to prove this. We advise you to unsubscribe from the email list of this scammers just in case you are already subscribed. And if you receive any message inviting you to join Rapid Income Method Scam, don’t even bother to read it. This is a software that was developed to rob people of their money. We don’t want you to lose even a single cent. We investigated Rapid Income Method website and found out that it is pure scam. We have decided to share our valuable findings with you through this Rapid Income Method Review so that you do not become a victim of these scam artists. Read this review carefully for your benefit.

Paid Actor As Rapid Income Method Software Owner

First and foremost, the alleged Rapid Income Method software owner Dominic Taylor is nothing but a hired actor. We have seen his face in many video presentations of similar scam Apps. He uses different names to appear different but his face is the same. We were able to notice him. Dominic Taylor has amazing presentation skills. Unfortunately, he is using them wrongly. He has been paid to convince you that Rapid Income Method platform is legit. That you should therefore sign up, open an account and fund it. Please do not make such a mistake because it is regrettable. Those who have tried it have lost badly. Any time you see an actor making presentation about a software he knows nothing about, don’t ever trust the system.

Why Rapid Income Method App is Scam ? Review Facts !!


Exaggerated Promises

We are told by Dominic Taylor that Rapid Income Method can generate $5,607 in daily profits every day! How does he expect us to believe this. It is unattainable and completely out of question. This is exactly what all scam systems promise traders. That they will be able to make a lot of money within a very short period of time. And because people want to get rich, some of them end up signing up. That is when their trouble begins. Why? Because they never benefit from their investment. We have dealt with different software’s in the field of binary option trading. We haven’t come across a legit systems capable of generating some a prodigious amount of money within a short time. Not even the most recommended ones. Be sure that this is pure exaggeration. It is totally divorced from the truth.

Will The Rapid Income Method Licence Be Sold ?

Dominic Taylor tells you that the Rapid Income Method program is available for beta testers but they are planning to sell it one of the banks in USA in two months time. Why should they sell it if it makes money for them? This beats logic. They why did they develop it in the first place? Please don’t believe a single thing. These are lies. He doesn’t even mention the US bank which they intend to sell the software to. He knows that we shall contact them to confirm if the deal is true. The main intention of Dominic Taylor is to make you feel that you will that you will be losing a great opportunity. That you should grab the free licence as a beta tester before it is eventually sold. Relax. Nobody is going to buy a scam system.

Is The Software Really Proven?

When you visit the site, you will read that Rapid Income Method is a proven system. But we are not told who approved it. The truth of the matter is that there is no authority that can approve a system which has been designed to take away people’s money. This is a crime and no reputable authority can perpetuate this behavior. Rapid Income Method Scam is not proven. Period.

Is The Rapid Income Method System Free ?

We are told that Rapid Income Method Software is free as long as you grab your spot as a beta tester. This sounds good. You definitely want to sign up. But wait. Here is the hidden truth. You will not be allowed to use the system unless you make a minimum deposit. In other words, if you don’t have the money, you will not use the software to generate Rapid Income Method Signals.

7 Beta Testers. Really?

The Rapid Income Method is available for 7 beta testers. This is what we are told. When you visit the software site, you will see the spots count down from 7 to 0. We wanted to prove if indeed it was true that we would not get a chance to be among beta testers.We waited until counting reached 0. We decided to close the site and opened it. We discovered that spots were still available. We would still be able to test the software. It then dawned on us that this is one of the tricks being used by scammers to make you feel that you are running out of time. That you should quickly sign up before it is too late. They don’t want to give you time because you may read honest reviews about Rapid Income Method Scam and land on the truth.

Questionable Bonus

In order to attract you into registering with the Rapid Income Method system, these scam artists promise you a bonus of $250. But you have to be very careful. When the deal is too good, always think twice. In this case, this is what is likely to happen. The bonus will lock your investment with the selected broker. You will therefore not have the freedom to withdraw your money any time you want. You will be required to generate certain amount of profits. This means that you will continue to use the software even after discovering that it is scam. You will not want your money to go to waste. And remember that Rapid Income Method is scam. Chances that you will reach the broker’s target and withdraw your money are minimal. In other words, you may never be able to withdraw your money.

The Rapid Income Method Testimonies Are Fake

The Rapid Income Software is dominated by fake testimonies. They are all from actors who have been paid to endorse the App. Some of them say that they were able to make thousands of dollars by using Rapidincomemethod.com System. Others have the courage to tell us that they made millions of dollars. It is ironical that these cheap actors are paid $10-20 dollars on Fiverr.com and yet they are telling you that they have made millions. Why are they still on Fiverr. They should start by removing their profile from the site before taking courage to tell people lies.

In addition, they say that they have been using the App for a long period of time. Which long period and yet the software site was registered on 18th July 2016. This is a month and a few days. Is this what we call long period of time? Do not believe this big lie. The truth is that these guys have never used the software. They have just crammed their scripts aimed at promoting Rapid Income Method System to attract potential or experienced traders like you.

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Conclusion : The Rapid Income Method is Scam !!

There are so many things which prove that Rapid Income Method is scam. Firstly, the person who is claiming to be the owner is a hired actor.Secondly, most promises are exaggerated. Making over $5K per day is just impossible. Thirdly, most testimonies are fake. They are made by paid actors from Fiverr.com industry.Our reviews have proven that Rapid Income Method is scam. Testimonies are fake, promises have deliberately been exaggerated, the alleged software owner is an actor, spots left are not 7 and more.Our reviews have proved that majority of traders who used the system made no profit. Instead they lost most of the trades.

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