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The Referral Project by Evan Baker is an interesting system, but there are important things that you need to know about this piece of software, and some warning signs that you should not ignore. We will be digging into this offer, and providing you with all the information you need to make a decision. This system has a slightly different type of angle than most of the other binary options trading scams, but we will be taking a good look at if the Referral Project has anything worthwhile to offer. It is a complete sham, and software that does not make sense to trade with. It claims to bring winning all the time while this does not happen in binary options trading. In addition, you can make money through trading in the binary options or through referring other traders to work with this program. The Referral Project system is however a scheme where you should not expect to make any money. This Referral Project software has an absurd claim of making you up to $4,500 in a single day.

What is The Referral Project System ?

The Referral Project is software developed by Evan Baker, who claims to have experience in binary options trading. The Referral Project signals assist traders to predict the market and make profit. It alleges to help traders lessen their working hours and liberates them financially. It further claims to make more money and in just a short time than other forms of investment.

Furthermore, it purports to make thousands as returns per day. The Referral Project software is that users can download to their desktops. Although many reviews claims this App is free ,but you have to invest some money in order to make any profit. The amount you invest is different from one broker to another but normally stands at $250.

The Referral Project Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Rip-off: 99%
Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
Auto-trading: Yes, fully auto-trading system
Available In: Everywhere

Why Referral Project Software is Scam ? Real Evidences !!


The Referral Project system claims to earn you profit every second that you trade, and you can end up with as much as $2000 profit after just a few minutes of trading. This software by Evans Baker is just another deceitful binary options trading program in the market. It has a lot of unfounded promises and aims to make the owner profit from both investments and referral. It is a program that also uses unregulated brokers.

The referral program from this software is just another sham. He claims a recurrent payment for any person he refers although actual referral only has a one-time commission for referrals. Characteristically, there is no limit set on the number of referral that a trader can have unlike in The Referral Project method which limits this to 100 a day.

The Referral Project platform is a sure scam. It is a great way to lose your money, and you risk a lot when you invest with this platform. It is one of those sham systems that is taking advantage of traders in the binary options market. The promises of free money are also a lie, and there are no actual returns from this software. It is therefore best that you stay away from it.


More Proof :The Referral Project Fake Reviews !

The Referral Project App is a scam that uses the tricks that other fake binary options trading platform use. The presenter, Evan Baker, is paid to give false promises to traders. He makes baseless claims and promises that are all a lie.The supposed owner claims that this software is fully automated and therefore operates on auto-pilot to earn traders money. This software further claims to make at least $1,000 in a single day but this does not happen with legitimate binary trading software.

In The Referral Project review, you will realize that this is not a friendly software and is generally unreliable. It is meant to drain your trading account as soon as you invest. In addition, it masquerades as an authentic binary options trading App when it is a plot to benefit just a few individuals. This software’s websites makes false claims of thousands of dollars as profit in a single day where the returns are also surprisingly 100 percent guaranteed.

The kind of returns it promises is unattained in the binary options trading. It is also unreasonable to guarantee 100 percent returns in a market that is volatile. In short, you will regret investing in The Referral Project program. It is evidently a sham and wants to steal your money.It wants to sell some sort of magic formula that makes huge attractive profits. There is no such thing as earning money without getting involved. Even the free monies that the referral scheme promises every day does not make sense. This system is not genuine and does not follow the rules of binary options trading.

In addition, it is another invention that is a ploy to steal from you, and which you should not fall for. The claims of a broker paying every day for each trader that you refer does not happen in binary options trading.The Referral Project owner and presenter of this software is also another fake. He is a paid actor who is supposed to convince unsuspecting traders to sign-up for this scam. It is a junk service that has not made any actual traders money.

Also avoid scams like Free Money Guaranteed and Binary Interceptor systems.

The Referral Project App Fake Videos & Testimonials !

The home page of Thereferralproject.co Website only has a video with an invented owner who says everything you want to here. The success rate from this system and the returns are ridiculous. The video tries to force new traders to sign-up to this platform from the many lucrative promises it makes.It tries to sell a smooth life: one without struggles and easy money. It further shows the ideal life of deluxe cars, houses and location. It employs the tricks of other scam videos and does not get into explaining the software itself.

There is no intelligent information from the video. The Referral Project scam is a crazy pyramid that is not logical. It uses fake credentials and shady brokers to make it look real when it is not. The website also has a fake count-down timer that is there to manipulate you into filling in your details quickly. The timer just restarts when it gets to zero.

Similarly, the testimonials are reviews from fake traders who are paid to give false account of this system. There is likewise no authentication from a credible third party about this software. The reviews and evidence point to The Referral Project as a scam.

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The Bottom Line on The Referral Project App is Scam !!

The Referral Project software is a complete scam in the binary options market which you should stay away from in order to save your money. It is software that is developed to just make a few individuals rich from the pockets of others. Although it makes many appealing promises, they are all a plan to get as many traders as possible to sign-up. They eventually end up losing money and do not even make a single cent from it. This review should be warning enough that The Referral Project system is dangerous.

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