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Read this unbiased review; the Regal Wealth Software is Scam.We have solid evidence to prove this. If you have been invited to join the system, please turn down the invitation. By so doing, you will not become a victim of scam. There is nothing legit about Regal Wealth App. This bogus system was developed by scammers to steal your hard earned money. Those who attempted using the software lost badly.

We don’t want the same to happen to you. That is why we have taken the initiative to carry out investigation about Regal Wealth System so that we can expose these scammers. They deserve no place in binary option trading industry. We shall put them where they belong. We therefore present you with Regal Wealth Software Review to allow you make informed decisions and avoid signing up with Regal Wealth Scam. Count yourself lucky for having the rare opportunity to read this honest review.

Why Regal Wealth System is Scam ? True Facts Reviewed !!


Plagiarism And Fake Ownership

First and foremost, we are told that Michael King is the CEO and founder of Regal Wealth Trading Group. We did our research to confirm if this was true. To our surprise, we discovered that indeed Regal Wealth Company exists but Michael King is not the CEO. Neither does he hold any leadership position. He doesn’t appear anywhere. These scam artists have plagiarized the name of real company and used it to promote their fraud. They deserve to be put in jail. We even made an effort to find the identity of Michael King from social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. He was nowhere to be found. He doesn’t want his identity to be known because he fears being traced.

Worked In Wall Street?

In the Regal Wealth video presentation, Dominic Ward says that Michael King, the alleged software owner used to work in Wall Street before developing Regal Wealth Software. This is false. Most scam artists associate themselves with Wall Street. They do this to make you believe that they have background knowledge and experience in binary option trading. Michael continues to say that he made so many rich people much richer. However, he does not mention the name of a single person who became wealthy because of him. All these are lies meant to lure you into signing up with Regal Wealth System. Stay away and your money will be safe.

Exaggerated Promise by Regal Wealth Software Team Exposed !!

We are told that Regal Wealth Software can make you $605 in an hour and more than $4,000 in a day. This is pure exaggeration. Such things rarely happen in the world of binary option trading. Not even the most recommended software’s can generate such huge amount of money within a very short period of time.

This Regal-wealth.co website is just another money making scheme aimed at robbing money from people who are desperate to become rich. You will not become rich overnight. That is one thing that you should know. These scammers are using this strategy to lure you into signing up so that you can eventually deposit money with one of their unregulated brokers. Please don’t make that mistake. You may never see your money again.

Available For 50 People. Sure?

Michael King says that the software is available for 50 people. This is not true. Otherwise, all the spots would have been grabbed by now. He says this to make you feel that you are missing out on a life changing opportunity. That you should make haste and sign up with Regal Wealth website. This is a strategy that many scammers use to lure newbie and unsuspecting traders register with scam system even before taking time to read honest reviews. It is a trap that makes people loss their hard earned money. You are lucky because you know the truth. You won’t become a victim.

Inflated Figures with Regal Wealth Website

In the video presentation, we are shown screenshots of inflated figures showing account balance. Don’t believe even a single thing. These figures are fake. They have just been created to make you think that indeed Regal Wealth Software can make real money by generating Regal Wealth Signals. These figures are changing from time to time, increasing as time goes by to make you believe that the software will make you money as time progresses.

Fake Regal Wealth Testimonials 

The Regal Wealth reviews and testimonials being presented by the woman who appears in this video is fake. She behaves as if she is very native and new to trading. This is pretense. She has been hired to do this. There is nothing real here. We see her move in and out with Michael King himself and when they check the account balance, it reads exaggerated figures. These scammers are trying to make things appear real when in the real sense it is false.

Hidden Face

By the way, Dominic Ward is a voice narrator. He doesn’t show his face. This is what many scammers do. They do this so that they are not easily identified. They know that their actions are illegal and if found, they can be sued. This is a clear indicator that Regal Wealth Software is scam.

Is The Regal Wealth Software Free?

We are also told that Regal Wealth system is 100% free. This is a big lie. When you sign up, you will be required to deposit your cool $250. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use the software. We wonder why they say it is free and yet you must deposit some money for you to begin using it.

Is Regal Wealth App A Scam?

The Regal Wealth App is truly a scam. Firstly, we cannot trace the identity of Michael King, the alleged software owner on Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, these scammers have plagiarized the name of a legit company managed by Gary Klein. Michael King claims to be its CEO. Furthermore, the testimony being presented by the woman is fake. It is a set up. Moreover, Dominic Ward is a voice narrator whose face is hidden. This raises suspicion about the legitimacy of the software.

The Real Facts about the Regal Wealth Positive Reviews

Our reviews have proved that all the customer reviews posted on the software site are fake. They are meant to endorse this Scam.Our reviews have also proved that Regal Wealth is scam because testimonies are fake, account balance figures are inflated, promises are exaggerated and more.

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Conclusion : Expert reviews indicate that Regal Wealth Software is scam.

In conclusion, Regal Wealth platform is scam.Even though the software site is dominated by many positive customer reviews, what we found out on third party sites was completely the opposite. Many customers have expressed their dissatisfaction about the App. This clearly tells you that Regal Wealth is a scam.

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