Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Review – Scam Aware!

Here we are exposing another scam today Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016. The auto trading software comes with a bundle of claims which are too good to be true. This review will expose everything about the system. We have taken a close look at the system for the purposed of this review and can expose the false promises and fake claims behind the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 software.In this review we reveal the truth about this scam and how it has been set up to entice people into depositing money.

What is the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Method ?

It is presented as being an exclusive binary options trading club offering free membership for life to a limited number of people who want to become millionaires. In six months of using the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 App for binary options trades, Steven from New York City says he has made $1,135,659 in profits and he is now offering the opportunity for a few others to do the same with this automated trading software.If you believe the video, the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 software was developed by traders who intend to sell their signals system to an investment bank for billions, but first they want 50 people to use it for free and to send a screenshot of their trading account when they have made more than a million, just to prove that it works!.The Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 signals are said to be 82% accurate in predicting the outcomes of trades in binary options and you are told by Steven that you too can make more than a million in profits over the first six months.

How Does the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 System Work?

The Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 App is 100% automated for trading in binary options. The software handles all your trades and manages the funds you place in a trading account.You first have to open an account with a binary options broker selected for you by the Secret Millionaires’ Club method and then deposit the minimum amount required by that broker for trading.Your broker account is then synchronized with Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 signals. When you receive a signal you only have to click once to confirm a trade and it will be processed for you.

Why Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Is a Scam to Avoid ? Real Evidences !!


Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 Introductory Video Is Replete of Lies

When you visit the official website of the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 system, you’ll be introduced to a video. This video is a couple of minutes long and talks about the same old things that other scammers that fall into this category talk about: how you can make millions of dollars in just a short period of time. It seems like they are trying to attract newbies, as once an expert on the market sees this statement, he will automatically run from it because he already knows that he won’t be dealing with anything legit. Another thing, the voice used on the video is that of an actor, an actor that doesn’t state proof, just a lot of promises. It’s important to note that when you are going to jump into using one of this type of systems you do your homework by searching for proof of what is being promised to you. Remember, at the end of the day, you’ll be the one who is in the driver’s seat. You are the one who is going to make things happen; the program is just there to aid you in some things, but you have to be on top of everything if you want to make a meaningful profit every month.

We will set out in this section of our review exactly how we know that the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 scam has been set up to attract people with little or no knowledge of binary options and gets them to deposit funds by making a false promise that they will become a millionaire in six months if they start trading a deposit of $200 or more.Steven from New York City is no more than an actor’s voice on a promotional video, telling his story of how he knew nothing about making money until two millionaire traders gave him access to their software, and in six months he made $1,135,659. There is of course no way to verify this story. The people who are supposed to be behind the Secret Millionaires’ Club App are only named as Alex and Mark.

The Creator of the Secret Millionaires’ Club Scam Is Hungry for Money

On the official page of the Secret Millionaires’ Club scam, you’ll notice a message that states that there are only a couple of membership spots available, and it goes on to state the number, but that is very far from the truth. If you refresh the page or opt to come back the next day, you will notice that the message is the same. The Secret Millionaires’ Club signals’ website was created in December and was ready to be visited in just a couple of days after it was published. You can check out this information on who.is. Don’t be fooled! The creator of the Secret Millionaires’ Club App seems to be hungry for money just like so many scam artists. It appears like he is willing to go the extra mile by telling you bunch of lies in order for you to fall for his not so well-structured software that appears to have been designed by a total newbie on the market field.

No Support Available

The page states to offer support when needed. Just like we do with all the other systems that we have reviewed in the past, we send them an email stating that we need support, but to this day, we still have not received a response from them, and more than likely, a response will never arrive in our general inbox. This is totally unacceptable. If a member needs support, they should provide it right away.

Fake Reviews and Testimonials With Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Exposed 

Loaded bank accounts appear in faked screenshots and stock photos are used to show a few traders who have become millionaires using the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 System over the past two years. There was an identical scam with the same name (but without the 2016) promoted two years ago. In our investigations for this review we found only testimonials from disappointed traders who had lost money using the automated trading software.Typical of a scam presentation, there is a lot of urgency in the video and on the web pages to get people to fund a trading account through the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016 App. First it is stated that only fifty members will be allowed. Then you are told that twenty places have already been filled, and finally there is an indicator on the page to show that now there are only a few spots left.

A countdown clock tells you that when it reaches zero the link will expire and you will lose your chance to become a millionaire in six months. However, for the purposes of this SecretMillionairesClub2016.com review we have accessed the same page on the website on several occasions and always found the same offer open and available there. This scam tactic has been used so that people will fear losing out on the chance of making a million and therefore have no time to consider the risk involved. There is a big risk, because you will have to fund an account in order to become a member of the Secret Millionaires’ Club 2016.

The story behind secret millionaire club scam!

We have really dumb and unbelievable story behind this app. According to the alleged presenter Steve, he was miraculously accepted in this secret millionaire club scam before 6 months and now he want to give this chance to 30 more people for free! In short words this service will make you millionaire for free in just 6 months! All you need to do is invest $250 USD with the synced broker you will find inside. Are you really going to believe in this nonsenses?

Secret Millionaire Club has many personalities involved Steven, Mark and Alex but no one of them is real! Steven the presenter is just a phony identity, like the rest of the names involved with this bogus software. Mark and Alex the associate creators are also seem to be phony. You wonder why they are displaying only their first names? Simply because if they give us all their names we can simply investigate and find out if they have any kind of connection with binary options or with trading industry overall. In this case we have only few fake identities attached to photos stolen from the web.

Besides the many gramma mistakes we have noticed something very interesting during the presentation of secret millionaire club scam. Steve our fake actor show us some fabricated screenshots. He started account with initial investment of $200 in 3 trades his account appeared to be rising to total of $4200, which is completely impossible. The return rate in binary options averages around 75%-80%, meaning that if you invest $200 you`ll get $160 as profit = $360 then if you invest all your budget of $360 you will get $288 to total of $648, the possible next profit investing the whole amount again is $518.40, which can bring the total budget to $1166.40. This sum of money appear to be very far form $4200.  Of course normally you need to invest only 5% of your account, you don’t want to gable with all of your investment, this is just absurd. Apparently the shady people behind secret millionaire club scam are really retarded and they have no idea of how binary options trading work.


Probably you are already convinced that secret millionaire club is very poor scheme but we just want to add something more to our scam review. The testimonials, which can be noticed all around the page are also fake, with simple Google search we find out that those images are used all around the web with different names on different sites, another obvious misleading fact.


Verdict: Secret Millionaire Club is a scam! Avoid this suspicions offer!

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Secret Millionaire Club Scam! The Conclusion!

There is no doubt from what we have investigated for this Secret Millionaires Club 2016 review that it is a scam. We do not recommend anyone to fund an account in order to get into a secretive trading club offering free software with false promises, using fake identities and without revealing any factual information about its trading history.There is nothing new about the Secret Millionaires Club 2016 scam. When we were investigating it for this review we uncovered an identical scam with the same name, only without the 2016 added on, and this proves that it is just the latest version of an automated trading software offer that is not to be trusted.

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