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Simple Profits app is a scam, there’s really no doubt about that as far as we’re concerned.Our close investigation into the unbelievable claims made about this software offer,We’ve collected some pretty compelling evidence. We will show you why we believe this Simple Profits review is the only review you will need to read, before making up your mind about this app. We do not want people to lose money by signing up for the Simple Profits software and funding a new trading account linked to the system. In this review we are going to expose all the lies, the deceptions, the empty promises and the faked screenshots being used to promote the bogus trading App.

Mark Ford is the name behind the free Simple Profits App. He says he is only making it available to people who earn less than $10,000 per month. The Simple Profits System is apparently free only for the first 50 people who download the software and fund a trading account.The signals App is designed for Forex investment using a fully automated trading system that can be used either as mobile browser-based software or from a desktop computer.

How Does the Simple Profits System Work?

The Simple Profits software trades on autopilot, so no skills are required to use it. After you have signed up for the free software you will have to open a brand new trading account, linked to the Simple Profits App, and deposit some funds for trading.The automated trading app is supposed to ensure that you make more than $1,000 each day, with profits of 989.2% per trade.

Why Simple Profits Software is a Scam ? Real Proof 


Fake screenshots

In this section of our Simple Profits review you will find all the evidence to prove that this scam has been set up using faked new stories, false information and deceptive promises.Mark Ford is named as being the creator of the trading system. It is a common name, but in our research for this review we could not find any big Forex trader of that name or any mention of him on authoritative financial websites. This suggests that it is just a made up name for the purposes of setting up a scam.In the promotional video for the Simple Profits System, a brand new trading account is said to have been set up for the purposes of demonstrating how the software works.

This shows how much a deposit of $250 increased over a day using the Simple profits trading App. It is very easy for anyone to create a demo trading account, without using real funds and this one has been designed to illustrate the software backing up a losing trade so that no money is lost.The narrator of the SimpleProfits.co video reads out a false statistic, declaring that 99% of people who trade in binary options never make a profit. There is nothing to show that there is any truth in this statement. The fact is that there are many successful traders who do make a profit from binary options.Mark Ford guarantees that you will make $ 1000 a day by using the automated Simple Profits method, but there is nothing to back up his guarantee. This is just another empty promise and there is no real way to get a refund when you fail to make a profit.

Why is Simple Profits a scam

There is a lot of things that prove that Simple Profits is a scam. We can start with the security seals and badges. Fore example the “BBB accredited business” – we have verified with the Better Business Bureau and it is not accredited, Simple Profits has no rights to use the BBB badge.

Then we can continue with the fake counter of available spots. Just reload the Simple Profits web page and you’ll see that the counter will be full again.


Another proof of scam are the fake screenshots of articles in the New York Times and BBC. These articles do not exist, we have checked it, images presented on the web site are fake.

The reality is that we are dealing here with a standard binary options scam. People behind Simple Profits are affiliated with brokers and will get paid for every new trader they can bring in. So they need you to open a trading account and deposit money, because it will earn them a commission.

If you then trade with their system, you will lose your deposit, you will lose your money.

Fake Screenshots and Simple Profits Method Reviews Exposed 

The Simple profits site features a faked screenshot of an article that is supposed to have appeared on the BBC News website. An online search for this article shows that this article does not exist and our research for this review has shown that the Simple Profits trading app has never been featured by the BBC. Matt Precey, the senior broadcast journalist whose name appears on the screenshot, has never written about this binary options trading software.

We also discovered that there is no truth in the claim that this trading software has been covered by the New York Times, it is just another false statement on the Simple Profits website.The Better Business Bureau logo is featured on the website, but this credential has also been faked for the Simple Profits method scam. When we checked with the BBB we discovered that the SimpleProfits.co is not accredited and the BBB logo is being used with no authorization and without permission.If this was not a scam, there would surely be some real testimony available online and the creator would not need to fake all of the credentials for this automated trading app.Another deceitful tactic used for this scam is the claim that the free software offer is limited to 50 people. The website shows that there are only 6 more memberships available and the number is counted down when you stay on the website.

However, each time we accessed it for this Simple profits review, the website always shows that 6 memberships are still available.On the video, which plays each time you access the website, the narrator says that if you are still able to view the video, it means that there is at least one copy left. It is simply not true to say that there are only a few copies left and you must join immediately while these are available. On the Simple profits Software next page there is a lot of pressure to join within 12 minutes or lose your chance. The same message has appeared every time we have accessed the website, and it never changes, so there is always an opportunity to go ahead.Live trades are another easily faked feature on the website, and actors are paid to appear in SimpleProfits videos that are supposed to show normal people making money with an automated trading app.

Simple Profits Scam: Review Summary

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: 100%
  • Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
  • Available In: Everywhere 

There is also something else that rang the alarm bells even louder for us, and that’s their trading platform. During the video, you will see that they show you some apparent live trades on their Binary Options platform, and that’s a good thing. When I saw that part of the video, I was almost willing to start changing my initial opinion of their Simple Profits scam software.


Seeing the results they posted, and the impressive-looking interface, I decided to go ahead and give them my email, just to see what the rest of the offer contains. This is where things got a bit strange.

After I signed up, the interface they showed me was completely different to what was shown during the video. All of a sudden the odd portions of the video where the background and fonts changed made a whole lot of sense. They were using a video that was produced for a totally different system and simply editing in their own Simple Profits scam!!! This is what their trading interface looks like after you sign up with them:


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There is nothing about it that even remotely resembles what was shown during the product video, and this is the main reason we want to caution you to stay away from the Simple Profits scam. We’ve got zero confidence in this offer,it is very clear from all the evidence we have set out in this review that the Simple Profits method is a scam. It has obviously been set up to pressurize people into signing up for free software and to get them to deposit money in a brand new trading account. There is no genuine proof of trading results, only faked news pages, illegal use of logos and other signs which clearly prove this scam.

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