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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Six Figure Method review. Well, you have come to the right place. Six Figure Method software is the latest viral scam spreading all over the internet now. Their sales video might convince you well but actually its a swindle. Don’t believe us? Keep reading this authentic and honest Six Figure Method review.

Six Figure Method is brand new money stealing scheme! We talk about typical scam, which promises stable income but delivers nothing. The presenter hurries to claim that there are only 38 spots left and you need to be in a rush to register and start making $23k per month. All possible by initial deposit of $250.

Apparently, you don’t have to break a sweat in order to get this robot because it’s free. So what’s keeping you from signing up? Why is it that many traders are still wallowing in poverty despite good apps like Six Figure Method review software floating around? Well, if you find yourself asking these questions, chances are that you’re wrestling with your conscience. The main reason why you’re having difficulty trusting this software is because it sounds too good to be true.

Our center of focus today is on the Six Figure Method website. Our aim is to expose their underground dealings, and possibly alert potential users that this is the greatest of all scams ever promoted on the internet. So if you’re ready, read this Six Figure Method Review and decide for yourself.

Website: 6figuremethod.com


Six Figure Method Review – Whats it all about? 

Is Six Figure Method software a scam? Well, from the look of things, we can see that this is a big fraud. First of all, you cannot make $10k or $100k a day. This is considered abnormal and flat out BS. We’ve seen traders using the most reliable of robots out there, and truth is that they struggle to make $300. Even with the best odds, binary options is set in such a way that generating abnormal profits like in Six Figure Method program is impossible.

There are many factors that determine whether or not you will make money with robots like Six Figure Method software. There is market volatility which is hard to predict even with tools since every trading day is different, and so is the behavior of a particular currency pair on that day. Secondly, the execution speed of the software and broker have to be consistent. In the case of Six Figure Method app, our review cannot be guaranteed of any profit since the software was created to make money for the owner and not the user.

Consequently, you will realize that most of your trades are closing in losses, either due to the fact that this software cannot read volatility, or because the broker and the software developer are playing tricks on you to make sure that you will lose all your trading capital.

Secondly, there is nothing like VIP access. What’s so important about Six Figure Method scam signals that can’t be found in other scams? Furthermore, this is not some sort of an exclusive community of traders who only accept people based on their social class or wealth. So just rule out this foolish talk of getting VIP access.


The Owner of Six Figure Method App is a Fake Person 

By now, you should be aware of the fact that scams hire actors to pretend on behalf of their owners because hiding identities is very critical in this kind of business. Despite Ray Fisher of Six Figure Method system claiming that he is a multi-millionaire, not even a single trader has ever heard about him. He is not famous on Wall Street, and neither is he famous on social media and the web as a whole.

So, who the hell is this guy? Well, our Six Figure Method review found that he is a Fiverr material, just like you guessed. We scouted Forbes magazine because that’s where he claims to have been featured. Apparently, of all articles that Forbes editors have published so far, there is no Ray Fisher. Equally, Six Figure Method app is not mentioned anywhere in other websites.

And just in case you didn’t get convinced, perhaps you should checkout this scam by the name Amissio Formula. Guess what! Ray Fisher is the CEO of Amissio Holdings, a nonexistent company which was allegedly responsible for creating the suspect software. Now, this guy has a different name here. He is called Craig Phillips, which is proof enough that he is just an actor as opposed to a CEO.

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How Six Figure Method scam is supposed to generate so much money

The main element here is speed, which again can’t be used to entirely justify the working of this software. According to the explanation of the actors appearing in the review video, we gathered that Six Figure Method signals relied on speedy execution to lock in the profits.

However, we know that every good robot must have speed as a key element. In fact, this is a basic feature and not something we should take 2 minutes dwelling on. In other words, we want a sound explanation concerning the workings of this Six Figure Method software. But we don’t want speed to be included as an element.

So, why is it that they are not able to give us an explanation? It’s quite obvious. Six Figure Method is a scam and a suspicious website by all standards. That is the reason they wasted the video while trying to promote the life of a millionaire. Instead of giving us the content we want, they talk about how life would be good if you became a millionaire tonight. That is rather foolish.


More marketing is on the way

If they can lie in the Six Figure Method PP pitch review video, then what makes you think that they won’t lie when it comes to the number of copies which they are willing to give out? Look, there is no limit to the number of copies which are being given out.

The ”20 spots available” claim is just false marketing which is aimed at pushing you to act quickly, which would favor them by the way. The more you sign up hurriedly, the more Six Figure Method system can speed up the process of ripping you off. We shouldn’t get into this right now.

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Conclusion :

As we said we are looking at one typical money stealing operation. We have completely covered by voice over presenter who claims to be Ray Fisher. We already know that this is a lie. Then we have misleading fabricated testimonials with false promises. On top of everything we shady explanations how the success of this software is based on counter-trader behavior strategy! Bull Shit after BS and so on.

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