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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Ten Fold Finance. Are you looking for an answer to this question – is Ten Fold Finance a legit or scam investment application? Well, let us warn you that Ten Fold Finance Software has been proven to be a completely bogus investment application which is only filled with loads of shady claims. Just stay with us in order to read an important review about this software as we will reveal why investing your hard-earned money in Ten Fold Finance App is just like throwing cash into the wind. It’s a complete scam and fraudulent system that abuses the entire binary options industry.

The 10 Fold Finance is an auto binary option trading app that uses a quantitative algorithm (which is not real) to help you get rich (which again will never happen). The owner, one Kyle Jenkins has introduced the Ten Fold Finance and Functional Trade Assets Calculator which is basically a trading robot that will not help you attain the wealth being advertised. Kyle Jenkins advertises in the intro video that an investor can be able to make around $35,000 in a week. The application as explained by the “owner” uses existing infrastructure and extremely fast computers to help one buy and sell assets which are focused on commodities and futures trading.

Website: 10foldfinance.com


What is this Ten Fold Finance App?

Again if you visit the Ten Fold Finance website, it may appear too good to be an authentic and genuine software, filled with promises of financial freedoms as well as radical profits. According to the so-called presenter of this entire system, Kyle Jenkins, his investment application is claimed to be 100% profitable! Needless to mention that all these lucrative claims for tremendously bright future sound so ridiculous that our expert team has decided to conduct a full-scale investigation to review this product on the behalf of our valuable readers like you.

So, kindly stay with us and read our meticulous, in-depth, and straightforward review in order to discover all the sneaky facts surrounding this scam software, Ten Fold Finance. Therefore, in our warning 10FoldFinance scam review, we are all set to expose each and everything related to this money making system and to ensure that the innocent people will be further protected from this useless trap! So, if you’ve already received any ‘invitation mail’ to your inbox from this company, make sure to ignore that mail and further read our unbiased and fully transparent review to be on a safer side.

Ten Fold Finance Software – Comprehensive Information About Their Claims

The Tenfold Finance Software is owned by Mr. Kyle Jenkins who introduces himself as a successful stock market trader. He further claims that he has built an intelligent system i.e Ten Fold Finance App with the help of the world’s best-quality programming team of coders and developers. This software is a simple one-click auto-trading intelligent solution.


In order to help the regular people to easily achieve their financial targets and goals and also to lead their life the way that they’ve always dreamed of, he had created a fully automated piece of software (which is junk and fake). Likewise, he had also mentioned in the promotional video of Tenfold Finance Software that he wasn’t always a rich guy. Plus, he had even faced loads of financial troubles with several banks & loans. Furthermore, along with the time, he again claimed that now he had learned how to easily manipulate the entire stock market to gain his advantage & make some incredible profits from it. Finally, he registered his company, Ten Fold Finance, and hired expert programmers and allegedly created this revolutionary software.

As per his claims, with a complete 10 months of thorough and deep research, the Ten Fold Finance website is now offering the most unprecedented money making software of the market, Functional Trade Assets Calculator which has the sufficient potential to accurately predict the right and the most suitable investment opportunity on your behalf. Plus, this super profitable software has an excellent 77% hit rate. Furthermore, this App has been made to help regular people to earn around $35,000 per week.

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But, can we really trust this person ? Or does he have any previous experience connected with the trading industry ? Or, is he indeed a multi-millionaire? You also might be looking for an answer to these questions. And why not! Obviously, we can’t forget that your precious money is at stake here. So, unfold the real truth behind these lame claims through our complete investigation and review.

Ten Fold Finance Software – Our Concrete Scam Evidence :

We have gathered enough evidence to announce it as a rotten Scam. We want to blacklist this company and its products as early as we can. Don’t ever believe the lies and deception of this company that may brainwash your mind and ultimately steal your money forever. Meanwhile, read our investigated result to figure out further details.

Misleading Presentation Video : Unfortunately, the presentation of Ten Fold Finance Software doesn’t reveal any significant or legit information such as who’re the developers or what about their so-called highly-efficient automated robot etc — are never properly revealed by this company. Even, they have never disclosed their original identity too. Hence, it is too simple, they simply do not exist. Or, in other words, nothing about this particular junk software is true!

Fake Trading Statements : It seems that these scammers absolutely have no idea what they’re actually doing. Plus, they even don’t know the fundamental basics of binary trading. They’ve desperately tried to add numerous aspects in order to manipulate rookie investors with every possible manner of tricks. In Ten Fold Finance software, you’ll see some live documented trading data. Interestingly enough, these trading data captured a time on a particular Saturday afternoon. Remember folks, the binary options trading market is only available between Monday to Friday. On weekends, they’re closed which makes trading totally unavailable. Therefore, there’s no doubt that these recordings are just fake and unreal! These are some cheap lies & deceiving tactics which are purposefully implemented to manipulate visitors.

Ridiculous 10 Fold Finance Testimonials : The website of Ten Fold Finance is pretty full of various testimonials. Those people are deliberately claiming that they have made money using this system. But again, these are ridiculously fake and falsified testimonies.These are professional paid actors of an online marketplace Fiverr.com who are just uttering some pre-written scripts for which they’ve been paid.

Proof #1 – https://uk.fiverr.com/motherstucker/  Proof #2 – https://www.fiverr.com/docreilly/


Domain-Age Legitimacy : We have used a well-known domain age checker tool, who.is in order to find the domain age of this system. 10 Fold Finance.com was initially registered on 9th August, 2016, which is hardly a month ago! So, the claims of 10 months deep research is another joke.

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Conclusion :

Now, with these paid actors and fake trading statement, why should we believe that this system is legit? Obviously, Ten Fold Finance Software is bound to be a complete SCAM. It’s our cautious warning to stay away from this fraudulent system as much as possible. The product owner, Mr. Jenkins and his product, Ten Fold Finance Software only makes bizarre claims without much credibility.

It’s our sincere advice to invest your money into some legit trading program which is foolproof to bring you back a great return. However, Ten Fold Finance Software doesn’t fall in this category. And with the end of our review, we are declaring that this system, Ten Fold Finance Software is nothing but an absolute scam.


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