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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Terabit Trader Review, The scammers behind Terabit Trader software have been sending fishy invitations via email and before you invest your hard earned money. As our faithful reader, read the review below before you make a huge investment mistake. We have the evidence to prove that Terabit Trader is a SCAM and it will astonish you when you are done reading through. The Terabit Trader system is actually another SCAM that has been using email marketing in order to get the attention of online users.

Website: www.terabittrader.com

Before we jump the gun and get straight into exposing the Terabit Trader for the scam it truly is, let’s hear what they have to say. The back stories behind binary scams are always imaginative and this one is no different. According to head honcho ‘Professor Matthew Lewis’ he has devised a system of trading algorithms based upon Fibonacci numbers and ‘Golden Ratio’s’ that is more powerful than anything Wall Street has to offer.

It does this by piggy-backing on the trends being set by the big (legal!) trading houses and then apparently strikes with lightning speed to take advantage and win the most favorable trading position. Incredibly rather than sit on this miraculous software and earn billions, Lewis has instead offered it to random members of the public so that they too can achieve financial freedom. Projected income is a staggering $20k/day – we’ll talk more about that later in this Terabit Trader review.

The Terabit Trader software advertises itself as the latest binary options trading app that will change your life into a millionaire within a 3 months. Really??? It further advertises itself as a fully automated App that is risk free which means that you will have a winning streak from the word go.

If you have engaged in genuine binary options trading, then you know this is impossible. It is like packaging a hot drink in a glass bottle with the promise that the bottle will not shatter due to the high temperature. According to Terabit Trader review, the fake system automatically seeks winning trades using the Optical data transmission technology. Again we are asking, really??? What we found to be laughable was that the system advertises itself as being impossible to lose in every single trade. As experts who have the evidence about Terabit Trader scam, the statement “impossible to lose even a single trade” is all lies.

Our investigation revealed that the founder and owner of Terabit Trader program is one Richard Heffner. Does the name Richard Heffner sound familiar?

Who is Richard Heffner ? Why Terabit Trader Software Scam ?


While Richard Heffner calls himself as the founder and creator of Tera Bit Trader website, he is basically a creation of scammers to represent their latest scam. As you will find out soon in our evidence section, Richard Heffner does not exist especially in the capacity as founder and creator of Terabit Trader.

He is also the purported voice behind the promotional video on the Terabit Trader website. The video is basically a presentation of how one can make $ 850 in an hour and $20,000 in a day. During the presentation, Richard Heffner mentions that trading with the Terabit Trader App guarantees one a win and it’s impossible to lose.

He continues to say how he was able to change the lives of 27 random people into millionaires within a period of 3 months. What he is basically a creation of scammers and has been representing past scams like GPS Trader and SafeGuard trader.

Evidence that Terabit Trader system is a SCAM.

Evidence One – Tera Bit Trader and Safeguard Trader are Same !

If you have not heard about SafeGuard Trader, it is another scam that has been blacklisted as of today. The scam masqueraded itself as a legit binary options trading app yet it was not. If you check the review, you will find the same guy (actor) used in the promotional video of Terabit Trader was also used in the Safe Guard Trader Review. In the Safe Guard system, he goes by the name Richard Hefner but you can notice there is a difference in the last name. In Terabit Trader website, the last name is “Heffner” and in Safe Guard Trader , the last name is “Hefner.” Regardless of the change in names, the scam is real and you need to avoid them.

Evidence Two – Richard Heffner is Fake

The name Richard Heffner and the guy used to represent the identity belong to a well known scammer who represents other scams like Safe Guard trader and GPS Trader among others. In all these scams, he comes forward in a presentation video to say how he can help you become a millionaire. If he advertises Terabit Trader system as a legit trader, what about the others that have fallen and become blacklisted. What we believe is that the person representing himself as Richard Heffner is basically an actor who has been hired from one of the micro jobs websites like Fiverr.’


Evidence Three – Fake Terabit Trader Testimonials and endorsements

The Terabit Trader App seems to have taken their game to a whole new level. Apart from posting fake testimonials, the Terabit Trader website lists a review and endorsement from CNN. It is quite appalling the great lengths at which the scammers are going in order to show people that their fake Terabit Trader system is actually genuine. Dragging a renowned media house into a scam basically shows you how low these scammers are willing to sink to. It is a big lie that CNN would endorse Terabit Trader website.

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Evidence Four – Conflicting Information

When you have a look at the http://terabittrader.com home page, you get to read that one will make $20,000 in a day. If you check in another statement found also on the website, the scammers have written that one will make $850 daily. Our question is simple – which is which? Taking into consideration the evidence above, you already know that you will neither make $850 or $20,000 in a day. What you will end up doing is losing your money.

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Conclusion :

Is Terabit Trader a scam? Yes, the reputable proof in the evidence section shows you that Terabit Trader website is a SCAM. From the fake founder, creator and presenter who goes by the name Richard Heffner to the Terabit Trader system itself which directs you to open an account with an unregulated broker, shows the extend which the scammers are willing to go. The Terabit Trader website also lists an endorsement from CNN which is actually false. Furthermore, they have contradicted themselves when it comes to revealing how much one will make in a day. In two separate statements, one reveals that traders will earn $850 in a day while the other $20,000 in a day.There you have it, concrete proof that Terabit Trader is a SCAM. Avoid it at all costs.

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