The 2016 Method App Review – Scam Aware!

It is important to know if The 2016 Method App is a Scam. When checking it out for this review we have uncovered enough strong evidence to prove that it is a scam.In this 2016 Method Review we will explain why it is a scam and present you with all the proof needed to show that this free offer is not to be trusted. We do not want anyone to be tempted to fund a trading account through The 2016 Method App and lose their money.

What is The 2016 Method App and Who Created it?

The 2016 Method Software is being offered for free to just one hundred people. If you believe the video, there are only twenty-five free spots or fewer still available and by next week the cost will have risen to $4997 plus a monthly fee of $469.Paul Worthington, who developed the software, has been trading with the same trading system for two years. He says that in that time it has made him more than $5 Million from successful binary options trades.

How Does The 2016 Method App Work?

When you sign up you have to open a trading account with a binary options broker designated by the 2016 Method and must fund it. You are offered a matched bonus on your deposit, of up to $1,000, to start trading.You require no previous understanding of binary options and the system is designed specifically for people who are new to the idea of trading for daily profits. The 2016 Method System App is fully automated and, when the software is linked to your trading account, it does all your trading on autopilot.The 2016 Method signals are based on repeated patterns and trends in the markets and are said to be 83% accurate. You are told that everyone who joined in the past three weeks makes a profit of $800 a day and you are expected to believe that you will make $5000 in your first week

Why Is 2016 Method App a Scam to Avoid ? Real Evidences 

2016 Method App

When we investigated it for this review, we found a great many indications that the 2016 Method scam has been set up deliberately to deceive people into depositing funds into a trading account with a binary options broker that pays a kickback to the creator of the 2016 Method System. New traders are encouraged to pay in funds of up to $1,000 in order to receive a matched bonus in their accounts.

In this section of our 2016 Method review we present all the evidence we have uncovered about this scam. We reveal how much deception is being used to try and get money out of would-be traders with no knowledge or experience of binary options trades.There is no millionaire trader by the name of Paul Worthington. It is a common name, but our investigations for this 2016Method.com review led to finding no authentic mention of any highly successful trader by that name. The video script is read by a hired actor with a Scottish accent.If you believe the bank statement that is shown in the 2016 Method App video, Paul Worthington has more than $5 Million just sitting in his checking account. This would mean that so far he has not spent one cent of his trading profits over the past two years. No genuine millionaire would ever leave such a large sum sitting in a checking account. It would have been invested or used to purchase a luxury home.

If he really has twenty-five students who made $5,000 in their first week of trading with the 2016 Method software, they would surely be excited enough to discuss their success online in forums and blogs. On the screenshots of the latest twenty-five people to join, who all appear to have started on December 21, there are only incomplete email addresses to be seen.If this was not a scam and all those people really had started trading on December 21, as shown on the faked screenshot, their first week would have included days when the financial markets were closed for the holidays and a week when there is no such thing as a typical trading pattern, because of the holidays.

Fake 2016 Method Reviews and Testimonials Exposed !

When we looked into the 2016 Method App website for the purposes of this review, we found some faked testimonials from Melissa Margina in Canada and Philippe Pastore in France, who is said to have made more than $21,000 from an investment of $600. However, there are no search engine results or any social media accounts for those names and the photos have clearly been taken from sites that supply stock images.The pressure is put on to be one of the final twenty-five people to get the 2016 Method software for free. This is just another scam tactic to get people to fund a trading account without knowing what they are getting into. On the 2016Method.com video, “Paul Worthington” acknowledges that he gets a 5% kickback from the broker for each trade made by his students. If he really has $5 Million in the bank and is making more than $800 a day, why would be need this additional income?

We doubt very much that the 2016 Method will be offered for $4997 next week and we have seen no verifiable proof that twenty-five students joined in December and made more than $5,000 in their first week. There is no millionaire trader who wants to share his trading system with one hundred people. The whole thing must be a scam, designed to get people to deposit money in a trading account.

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From our investigations for this The 2016 Method Review we found plenty of evidence to show that it is not to be trusted. This free offer is made up of false names, bogus credentials, fake testimonials and scam tactics to pressurize people into funding an account, without having time to consider what exactly they are getting into. We can only conclude that this offer from 2016 Method App has been set up as a pure scam.

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