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Read this Important The London System Review ;Never Join this Scam Software.You are probably familiar with stories of some random guy claiming they didn’t graduate from college yet they are making it big in life because they discovered a secret of doing so. That is the same case with Robert Hockton, the architect of the London System scam. With this software, you’re supposed to make tens of thousands of dollars in the next few days.

It’s almost a mocking statement for someone to make these claims in public. It’s sheer ignorance to tell us about a system that no one has ever heard of before. All mainstream financial portals have never talked about the London System App, and neither has any reputable organization highlighted the name ”London System software”. The only mention of this system appears on the first few results on Google, and these results can’t be trusted because they were published on independent review sites with no credibility at all.

The London System Review


Is The London System a scam?

You’re reading this because you came across the London System software and wondered whether it was legit. A Auto trader that was created by a college dropout and is making up to $60,000 every single month is certainly something we have to treat with suspicion.

Let us start by saying that the dominant currency used in London is the Sterling Pound. This system appears to have everything centered around London city. The name and the logo of the software says it all. But how come Robert Hockton is using dollars in his pitch video? It certainly doesn’t make any sense. Something went terribly wrong in the creation and spreading of lies here.

More evidence that London System signals will only disappoint you

We are supposed to believe that the London System software is accredited by the BBB. But the truth is, this business accrediting body doesn’t know anything about Mr Hockton and his fake London system App.Also, the trust badges cannot be clicked, and this makes it impossible to believe that LondonSystem.co website is approved by companies that issue those trust badges. Why slap a few logos on the site when we can’t click them anyway?

Look, this scam site has used a few reputable internet security company logos. We came across companies like Norton security, Truste, and Trustwave which Mr. Hockton claimed he was affiliated with. We have reviewed and failed to establish any fact supporting that this was true. If the badges cannot be clicked, there’s no way of knowing if this is true. And if it’s indeed true that he has sought the approval of these companies, then why make the badges impossible to click with the mouse?

Thirdly, we have reviewed the testimonial section of the London system site and found a lot of irregularities here. We came across 6 individuals who posted abnormal revenue gains. Some people were talking of $177,109.25, $283,401.00, $124,390.40 and ultimately $1,210,735.00.

Take note that the individual who posted the highest revenue gain is someone who chose to remain anonymous and for reasons that were not clear to us.It did not catch us by surprise to realize that Mr. Hockton was only fooling us by saying he didn’t know about his highest profiting user of the software. He didn’t even bother to know him in the first place. But what does this mean about The London system?

It means the product is fake, which is why the owner doesn’t care to know about his highest profiting customer of the system he developed.Secondly, those testimonials are fake stories from people who were bought for a $5 fee to lie on camera. This is usually possible when you work with Fiverr actors who get hired for such low amounts of money.

Thirdly, Mr. Hockton couldn’t afford to pay the 6th person to appear on the testimonial video which would claim some $1,210,735.00 made in a few months. Therefore, he decided to use random figures on a fake personality to depict how The London System program was very capable.

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Social Feedback from London System Members are Fake !!

We’re reviewing this section of the website because it is in this part that traders are most likely getting convinced to sign up for the London System platform.Yes, it’s free to download it. However, the amount of money you’ll lose is the equivalent of the cost of obtaining and using this software.If you spend a minute in the live trading results, you will apparently realize that all traders are investing $1,000 into every single trade and that each one of them are winning and only making a small profit margin of $4-$26 on the higher side.

Now, scroll upwards to the London system social feedback section which highlights a few fake social media accounts posting impossible revenue gains.A man named Tory just made $918.88 in 34 minutes. Another woman named Tamika made $2,000 profits in just two hours.There are many other outrageous posting that claim the same stories on that section of the site. But let us all think logically by first minding simple arithmetic.

We spent 5 minutes reviewing the live trading results. During this time, we discovered a trend. Trades that won on the higher side only made $26 profit. So even with the highest profit gain, we cannot see how such minimal gains can translate to $1,000 profits or more in less than an hour. Even if we traded half a day, a $26 profit margin wouldn’t make us any significant money at the end of the day.

Secondly, we are wondering why only a bunch of same individuals are being posted in the live trading results. Does it mean a software that is in such a high demand is only being used by less than 10 guys? And if that’s the case, why is the social media feedback section highlighting more than 10 individuals which don’t tally with what happens in the live trading results?

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Conclusion : The London System is Scam !!

Those questions have made us conclude one thing; that The London System scam is the worst and expensive fraud you’ll ever encounter.We are confidently coming to a conclusion that The London System software must not be used by any trader under any circumstance. Their doors are open to everyone, so don’t believe the scarcity situation they’re trying to create. It is better to play safe by keeping your $250 and only investing it when true opportunity emerges.

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