The Millionaire Bot Review – Scam Aware!

In these review we are going to present proofs that show that the “Millionaire Bot” is a scam abusing binary options. Even this software is presented several times, it does not take away from the fact that it is a scam. We decided to review The Millionaire Bot system to see whether there is anything new in it that can make it credible. Unfortunately, nothing of such was seen.

When you access the TheMillionaireBot.co website, you would be greeted with pop ups asking for your email address. Even if you want to leave the website, you would be prevented from leaving, because it would be asking you for your email address. Why is the Millionaire Bot system trying to get your contact email address? Either they are looking for an email list to be sending unsolicited messages or they are looking for mailing list to sell. Anytime you see software trying to get your email address by force, do away with such sites because it is a scam.

We are not satisfied with the cheap sales tactics adopted by the inventors to promote the fake The Millionaire Bot system. They already know that such strategy has never worked for experienced traders. Even inexperienced traders are become wiser in the choice they make, as they do not want to be scammed several times. The website started with the information that you were selected to try Millionaire Bot software free. You have to ask why is that you were chosen to try the system free. Why should they decide to sell you a tool that makes more than $13,000 daily free? It is already known that nothing good has come by free. This cheap propaganda never worked. Again you have to ask yourself, is it possible that an app can earn you such an amount of money. Many people disagree with Millionaire Bot method this one area. It has failed to tell you the type of money you can invest that can earn you that amount of money quoted on their website. We know that many of the brokers demand a minimum of $250; are you going to make that type of money with $250? Many people know that is not a fact and as such it should not be believed. This is enough to blacklist the system and it is a scam.

At the beginning of the Millionaire Bot video you are shown a lot of bank account statements with big sums of money. Then you are shown some supposedly live videos of traders who show how their trading accounts are growing thanks to the Millionaire Bot.

The person presenting the video says that you can make 13,425 dollars per day, 93,975 dollars per week, 402,750 dollar per month and 4 million dollar per year. For free, of course, because the system is supposedly free.

Why The Millionaire Bot is a Scam ? Real Proofs

The Millionaire Bot Method

Before we conclude that Millionaire Bot App is a scam, we have various unassailable evidences to back our claim. After doing lot of investigations, we discovered that most of the personalities that featured on the software were not credible. For instance, the couple presented was seen from fiverr.com. All the other actors shown on the TheMillionaireBot.co website and the video were from fiverr.com, a website that sells people that can do anything you want for just $5. Because the testimonials and all the actors are from fiverr.com, the website and video presentation is cheaper than most other apps we have reviewed. This is evident from the quality of The Millionaire Bot video presentation. If they had paid the bigger amount of money, they would have produced superior videos more than this. This is evident that the site is a scam. It can only drain your money and would never make any dime for you.

The Millionaire Bot System Website Use Fake scarcity counter 

Anytime you see software that forces you to sign up by presenting scarcity counter, such products are scams. The same thing can be said of the Millionaire Bot App. It creates an artificial counter to force you to sign for the system. It would tell you that only few spots are available and that if you do not do fast, the spots would be filled. When you reload the page, you would notice that the counter would start afresh to count. Even if you visit the Millionaire bot website several days after, the scarcity counter would still be there counting for you. This is a clear sign that you are dealing with a scandalous app.

The Millionaire Bot system presented a fake lifestyle. As many other sites we reviewed, they presented pictures of fantastic houses, good cars, and other good things that come with money. They promote fake lifestyle and get rich quick lifestyle. They claim that you can earn well over four million dollars from the Millionaire bot software, and this would be good enough to give you goodies of life. The essence of this is to force those people who want such flashy lifestyle to subscribe for the system. As you can see, the app was meant for those who want to get rich without working hard for it.

Fake The Millionaire Bot Algorithm and Reviews Exposed !

The millionaire Bot has failed to tell its users how they would generate the signals they would be sending to them. They cannot do this, because the system was not based on any empirical formula. Traders are more interested in this aspect because it would help them decide on the efficacy and reliability. It is apparent that Millionaire Bot was hurriedly put up to extort money from people. It does not take time before professional traders would spot this one out. You cannot make any money using the scandalous tool.

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The Millionaire Bot system is the worst scam binary options product we have ever seen on the internet. Everything about it is not only contradicting but also misleading. It is apparent that the inventors are not hiding the fact that they want to cheat. This is why they decided to re launch it. To make money trading binary options market, you have to search for reliable software. We have reviewed several of them here.

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