Thousand Dollar Days Review – Scam Aware!

If you have the question: “Is Thousand Dollar Days a scam software ?” The answer is a clear “Yes” and in this review we tell you why it is not guaranteed to work and how we know that it is a scam.Thousand Dollar Days system has been around for some time and the website shows that it has now had 2209 days of trading. When you look at the promise of a guaranteed $1,000 in profits every day,

How Does Thousand Dollar Days “Guarantee” Daily Profits?

There appears to be no specific algorithm involved in the market analysis which generates Thousand Dollar Days signals for trading binary options. The analysis is apparently done by the person responsible for developing the Thousand Dollar Days System, David Sampson, and his team of more than 25 professional traders.

The Thousand Dollar Days software is designed to trade for you on autopilot, so you can follow in real time the live trades made by a team of professionals. David Sampson says that he has been trading successfully with the same team of senior traders since 2008. They aim to generate at least $1000 in daily profits from binary options, so anyone who is just starting out with binary options can follow their trades and do the same.There is no actual money-back guarantee in place. It is just a meaningless promise from the developer. He does not go into any detail about his trading techniques and he does not reveal anything about the sort of market analysis being used to find suitable binary trades!

Why Thousand Dollar Days System is Scam ?

Thousand Dollar Days

When you enter your name and email address, you are taken to a page where you are asked to register for new account with a chosen broker. You are told that your place will only be held for five minutes and you must deposit some funds for trading or you will lose your place. You are promised that if you continue and activate your account, you will be guaranteed $1,000 a day.

With $250 or more in your broker account, you can activate the software. This will link your account to the Thousand Dollar Days master account. When you set your account for Auto Trading, the Thousand Dollar Days App will place each trade for you when a signal shows that a live trade has been made on the master account.

Although the software is offered for free, if you want to continue using it at the end of one month, you will be asked to make a contribution to Thousand Dollar Days method to cover all their expenses. This payment will be the same amount as the value of trades on your least profitable day. It is not made clear how much you are expected to pay if you want to continue using the software and your worst trading day has resulted in a loss!

Our Review Exposed Thousand Dollar Days APP As A Scam!

Our Thousand Dollar Days review shows that there is every chance that you will fail to make $1,000 per day every day, and it is likely that you will lose money when trading with the free binary options software.The Thousand Dollar Days scam appears to have no actual strategy in place to ensure that everyone is going to make $1,000 each day in profits. There is no refund policy included in the false guarantee, so you will not be able to claim for any days which result in a loss. If you end up with more losing trades than wins, the money you have lost from trading with Thousand Dollar Days software will never be recovered.

This scam has been made to look legitimate by stating that all the binary options professionals behind Thousand Dollar Days signals are regulated traders. David Sampson does not name the official organization responsible for regulating his traders. In fact there are no regulations in place to cover anyone who wants to become a professional trader in binary options.When we were doing our research for this review, we could find no official details about David Sampson. He claims to have been a leading binary options trader since 2008 but he is only named as a trader on some of the sites which feature a review of Thousand Dollar Days system.

Fake trading accounts are very easy to create and the ones that are shown in the presentation for Thousanddollardays.co are clearly not genuine.Another sure sign of a scam can be found in the way that the links at the bottom of the website do not lead to the terms and conditions, a legal disclaimer or any information for affiliates. There is no warning on the website to show that losses can result from trading binary options and no information about the average win rate for trading with the Thousand Dollar Days App.

Our investigations for this review have revealed a lot of search results for sites where people have posted a negative review of Thousand Dollar Day site, with a warning that it is a scam. Some of the people promoting it claim to have made $900 or more in profits, but genuine users have lost money on trades from day one.

One official complaint, which we found from our review investigations, has been posted on a rip-off report site. It comes from a novice trader who was attracted by the guarantee of $1,000 a day from Thousand Dollar Days program.In his review he states that on the first day of trading with the software he had two losses and one win. In the next five days of trading he had five more losses and only two winning trades. His first week of trading resulted in an overall loss of $135.25!

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Conclusion – The Thousand Dollar Days Software is Scam !!

It is clear from our review that the guarantee of $1,000 a day has no legality. There is very little that can be believed about the Thousand Dollar Days scam. The team of traders, if they exist, are not really regulated and the developer is unlikely to be who he says he is. Joining this scam is likely to result in a loss of money from unreliable trading signals.

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