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If you think Trade X Confidential software looks like a good way to make money, you need to read our unbiased TradeXConfidential review to find out the truth. After investigating it closely, we have no doubt that it is a scam. In this review we expose all the misleading, inaccurate and distorted information on the Trade X Confidential website and we prove to you that there is no way you can trust anything about this scam.

What Is TradeXConfidential Software?

The automated trading App has been created by Paul Reed. He claims to be a top investor in tech start-ups and he says he is making millions every year from trading. His Trade X Confidential system is based on sophisticated algorithms and it allegedly uses faster technology than any other trading program, so it can spot investment opportunities before anyone else.The Trade X Confidential software is designed to find and analyze tech start-ups by using Google search engine and monitoring traffic to new company websites. By reverse engineering IP addresses, this trading application can track website visitors and see how much interest there is from major investors, such as Facebook executives.

For a limited time, Paul Reed is releasing his Trade X Confidential system for free and in return he wants to see your trading statement at the end of each month. The first 50 people to apply will get his personal predictions so they can invest in tomorrow’s big tech start ups before these become known.The Trade X Confidential software will work on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, so it can be used any place where you can get onto the internet.

Solid Proof That Trade X Confidential Software Is A Scam!

Trade X Confidential Software

Misleading information on the TradeXConfidential website is only one part of the scam. Our review investigations have uncovered a number of reasons why it is not safe to use this software for auto trading and we can prove that this scam has been set up to get the maximum amount of money from inexperienced traders.There is a picture on the website which illustrating the trading system. This clearly shows binary options trades in currency pairs, but the whole TradeXConfidential.com presentation is about investing in start up companies and it never mentions currencies or binary options!

When we investigated it for this review, we signed up from the website and we noticed that an unregulated broker is affiliated with the TradeXConfidential method. This broker has actually been subject to complaints in the past, for failing to pay out withdrawals from client accounts.The website clearly features profiles of three fake members who appear to have made very quick profits. The truth is that these profiles, their names and their profits have all been created to scam. The members’ photos have been taken from other websites. The person from Portugal appears to have a female name, but the picture is of a man!

Paul Reed in the video is not really a top trader and his accounts are fakes. The person in the video is seen holding up a phone to show his trading account and bank statement, but these are just fake screenshots.

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Fake Trade X Confidential System Reviews & Testimonials 

The testimonials in the Trade X Confidential video are also not genuine. The woman who says she has made $73,000 has been filmed in a cafe, so you can’t see any sign of her new wealth. The friend who says he spent his profits on a dream house was filmed in a room that does not look like it belongs in a luxury home. Paul Reed and his guitarist friend were filmed in a music studio, but anyone can hire a studio for filming a video.Endorsement badges for networks such as CNN & NBC are used on the Trade X Confidential website, without permission and with no authority. Our review investigations verified that none of the quotes are genuine. At the bottom of the website there is a false award for 2016 year. There is no review site linked to this and it is not possible for a 2016 prize to be awarded so early in the year!

It is implied in the video that TradeXConfidential is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. This guarantee does not make any sense because the App is not free, so there are no costs to pay back, and the broker will not refund any losses made from auto trading.In the Trade X Confidential FAQ there is a question about: “How much money will I need to get started?” The reply states that you should “Deposit as much as you possibly can to get going” so you can start out with larger trades. The truth is that this will lead to greater financial risk.It is a sure sign of a scam when applicants are encouraged to deposit more than the minimum amount of $250 for trading. The more money deposited with an affiliated broker, the more money is made by the people behind the scam, and they do not care whether you win or lose!

What Happens After Signing Up with Trade X Confidential App?

After signing up with your name and email address, it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to set up an account with a broker assigned. When you have deposited at least $250, you can set your account for “Auto Trading” with Trade X Confidential software. Then all your trades will be placed for you, direct from your broker account, even when you are not online.The Trade X Confidential signals are generated by the trading App, but we can tell you from our review research that these trading signals are for binary options in markets around the world. The TradeXConfidential system has nothing at all to do with trading stocks or investing money in start up companies. Tracking the websites of tech start up companies has no relevance to finding opportunities for binary.

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Conclusion – The Trade X Confidential System is 100 % Scam !!

On the TradeXConfidential website it is claimed that over a million trades have made with the software so far and these have resulted in a 91.89% win rate. There is nothing to verify this claim and we can 100% confidently say that Trade X Confidential is a scam.Our review investigations have shown that the creators of this App have entirely misrepresented and all the information about it is incorrect. The aim of the Trade X Confidential App is to get inexperienced traders to deposit big amounts of money with an unreliable binary options broker.

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