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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about Traders Revenge is a pure scam. We have concrete evidence to prove. If you have been invited to join Traders Revenge System, just know that you at risk of losing your hard earned money. The good thing is that you can avoid this. Simply unsubscribe from the email list of the bunch of scammers behind Traders Revenge App. They are very much determined to make free money from non-suspecting traders. This is why Traders Revenge Website is full of lies and misleading information. Do not believe anything you are told by cheap actors featured in the video presentation. We have already received a number of complaints from irate traders who were misled into signing up with Traders Revenge Program. That is why we intend to expose these scammers before many innocent traders fall prey to their scam service. Take your time and read Traders Revenge Review. It will help you a lot. This is the review.

Website: www.tradersrevenge.com


Traders Revenge Software Owner Is An Actor

To start off, the alleged Traders Revenge scam owner Ryan Jackson is nothing but a paid actor. We wonder why this guy is still appearing in more scam videos despite being exposed earlier on. He is an actor from Fiverr.com industry whose main gig is present video testimonials that appear real and natural. He even has the audacity to say that he is a real person and not an actor like what happens in binary option scams. Just to confirm that he is not the real owner of Traders Revenge App, we searched for his fake name on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There was no information about Ryan Jackson relating him to the software or company. This is enough proof that he is an actor who has been paid by scam artists to lie in front of the camera.

The Story Is Fake

Ryan Jackson of Traders Revenge system comes up with a fake story to grab your attention so that you can continue listening to his lies. He says that he used to work in a restaurant where he was earning very little. We have heard of such stories before in scam services. Where is the proof that he worked in a restaurant? Is the screenshot of some restaurant enough evidence that he worked there? This guy is a real actor.

Why Talk About Other Scams?

Ryan Jackson, who is also the presenter in this video presentation, says that he was scammed several times but never gave up. We also read in Traders Revenge Website that if you have been scammed, this is your time to take revenge by signing up. Please don’t because you will be scammed badly.

These scammers are using a technique called reverse psychology. They are trying to manipulate your thoughts so that you may not categorize this software as another scam. Presentations for legit softwares usually focus on what the software can deliver and not other scams out there. We become suspicious when we hear about scams. That’s when we decided to delve about the system and write this complete and genuine Traders Revenge review.

No Reliable Information About The Russian Programmer

The Traders Revenge software owner says that after being scammed severally, he decided to hire a Russian Programmer by the name Vladmir to develop a software that could actually work. He says he got him from Freelancer.com. However, Ryan Jackson does not tell us any reliable information about Vladmir. For instance, his experience in programming, previous works qualifications and more. Besides, he only mentions one name thus making it difficult for us to search him on Freelancer.com to confirm the claims.

Was The Traders Revenge App Website In Existence For 6 Months?

On top of that, do not believe that the system has made 127 people to acquire financial freedom over the last 6 months as claimed. We did our research to check the domain age of Traders Revenge Website using Who.Is. We discovered that the software site was recently registered. This means that it did not exist in the period stated. So how were the 127 people making the money if by that time they were not able to access the App? This is just a lie.

Where Is The Success Story?

We are told that over the last 6 months, Traders Revenge System made 127 people to generate a lot of money. We are even shown the screenshots. While this may sound encouraging, the truth of the matter is that the statement is totally divorced from reality. Where is their success story? We tried to find it but our efforts proved futile. It was nowhere. Do not believe this lie.

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Unrealistic Promises

We are told that Traders Revenge software can generate $500 in 26 minutes and between $3,500- $6,500 in one week. This is totally impossible. The most recommended auto trader in binary option trading industry does not generate up to $6,500 in a week. There is no way scammers behind this bogus software will convince us that their app has excellent performance which superceeds that of the most trusted and tested auto trader. This is a strategy to lure you into signing up with Traders Revenge Scam. If you do, your trading account will be drained in the blink of an eye. Don’t risk. Be warned.

Are The Results Verified?

Ryan Jackson shows us screenshots of inflated account balance which he claims he made using Traders Revenge Software. This is not true because the account balance is fake. It has just been created by some applications. Besides, the results cannot be verified. We just can’t trust the figures. Do not be moved to sign up. Keep your money safe.

Fake Endorsements

There are endorsement badges from reputable companies like Verisign, Truste and McAfee SECURE. This is to make you believe that the software has been endorsed by these organizations. We visited the websites of the mentioned organizations to check if there is anything written about Traders Revenge app. There was absolutely nothing. Criminals behind Traders Revenge Software should be sued for taking advantage of reputation of respected companies. They are tainting the image of these organizations.

Traders Revenge Testimonials Are Fake

The testimonials given in the video tutorial are fake. They are being made by actors who have been paid to endorse the software.


Is Traders Revenge a Scam?

YES. The alleged software owner is a common fiverr actor, lies are just too many, stories have been created, testimonials are fake, promises are unrealistic and more.

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Conclusion :

Our review has proved that Traders Revenge Software is scam. There is no success story about any trader who became rich by using Traders Revenge Software.

Traders Revenge Reviews by experts in the field of binary option trading show that the system is scam.

Reviews show that there are no positive testimonials on third party sites about Traders Revenge Software.

All reputable blogs have blacklisted Traders Revenge Software. This is simply because it is a scam service.


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