Trianasoft Review – Scam Aware!

After carefully reviewing, we conclude Trianasoft as Scam software. The owner of this system claims that Triana Soft App has a win rate of 92%. In addition to this, they claim that your money will always be safe as long as you use their program. But we have come to realize that all these claims don’t have any solid backing. No one has ever used Trianasoft system, and as you’ll see in this review, it would be very pathetic to fall for this scam.

The Trianasoft Program Review

Let’s begin by saying that this Triana Soft software is being spread by another fake guy called Michael Wedmore. He is alleged to be the CEO of Trianasoft system, although his reputation isn’t known to anyone. Secondly, Wedmore has involved another guy called David Campbell, an alleged engineer behind this ridiculous algorithm that wins 92% of trades.

It should be noted that those claims are ignorant and blatant because for one, no one has ever used a binary options system with that kind of win rate. Secondly, there are so many dishonest elements on the official Trianasoft website.It is hard to believe or try to get convinced by the open lies that Michael Wedmore and his accomplices are trying to spread on that website.

Why Trianasoft Software Is Scam !!! Fake Claims Exposed !!

Trianasoft Software

Wedmore claims that he dumped his high-paying hedge fund manager job position to get into this business of making trading system that could make money on auto-pilot. He claims that after hard work of blood and sweat, he has finally come up with a trading program that will make profits regardless of the trends in the financial markets.He says his Trianasoft software analyzes the market in a split of seconds to make the right decision on which trade to execute. And by doing so, the user will never lose his trades no matter what happens. Most trades are also executed in 60 seconds, ridiculously giving a trader the opportunity to make guaranteed profits.

Nevertheless, Wedmore’s career doesn’t make sense at all. He says the reason why he quit his job was to make a trading method that would allow his daughter ”Triana” to make endless amounts of riches on autopilot.If this was the truth, we believe that Wedmore wouldn’t give that secret away. Why would he create such a profitable system for his daughter only to start selling it to the public? It doesn’t make sense.Secondly, we believe that Trianasoft program is a copycat of a highly successful website called Trianasoft.com. It’s clear that Wedmore did this to ride on the undeserved success and authority of that website. This automatically places the owner of Trianasoft.co in the middle of a copyright lawsuit.

Fake Beta Testers With Triana Soft App Revealed !!

The owner of this Triana Soft website is playing number games to convince unsuspecting traders to sign up. First, he is using the usual fake counters on his site to make you sign up without thinking a second time.He is using the fake scarcity counter to make you believe that gaining access to this App is extremely competitive. In addition to this, he uses some outrageous figures to portray the number of people still waiting to gain access to this program.

But the big question is, if this Triana Soft trading system is this successful, why is he looking for more beta testers? Which purpose are these beta testers serving? It certainly doesn’t make sense, and for this reason, we are confidently stating that this is a number game meant to fool you to take the ”opportunity” as fast as you get introduced to it by some other fake review.Do not believe the fake profit counter that the owner of Trianasoft system is using on his website. Those are cooked figures, plus we don’t have any evidence to suggest that they are real.

The Age of the Trianasoft Website Is New 

Contrary to the reports that traders have been using Trianasoft signals for the last 3 years, we discovered that the official website was only registered on 07/03/2016, thanks to Who.is data. We can now affirm that all the profit figures posted on this site are fake. Also, if the site owner is not honest with the length of time his trading bot been in use, we can not trust every other thing he says concerning this scam program.

Also, it should be noted that all pictures in the testimonial sections are fake. Like all scams on the internet, the owner of Trianasoft program pulled those photos directly from the web without the permission of their respective owners.

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Other tricks that the owner of this software is using to fool newbie traders

Do not believe that the algorithm of this software is worth several thousands of dollars like Wedmore claims.Also, all scams now use fake endorsement to market their apps to the world. Trianasoft signals cannot be trusted to deliver 92% win rate. So forget about the big names they are mentioning on that website. You will see that they are using CNN, Blommberg business, MSN, TNW and the rest.

In short, there is no way of proving that Triana Soft method will earn you the profits as claimed on the official site. There are many false reviews that are currently perpetrating lies meant to convince you into signing up. Do not believe these Trianasoft reviews because that site is full of dishonest elements. Right from the introduction video, profit and scarcity counters to the testimonials and how it works looks fabricated.

The website owner reminds that trading the financial markets is a risky affair, and that one should read their terms of service and risk disclosure statement before using their software. However, there is no terms of service or risk disclosure page anywhere on that site. For this reason, we are warning people not to get involved with Trianasoft system.

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Conclusion – The Trianasoft Software is Sure Scam !!

The claim that you cannot lose more than your initial trade is a lie. In fact, you will lose every single dollar that you deposited in your account. This is a neat scam that is hard to detect. It is difficult to discern especially if you’re desperately looking for a software that will automatically make you money trading binary options. So the bottom line is that Trianasoft program is the greatest fraud in the binary options trading industry. It is not to be trusted whatsoever.

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