Triple Threat Trade Review – Scam Aware!

In this latest review we expose Triple Threat Trade Software as Scam. We have looked into this binary options trading system, which claims to have had a success rate of 99.8% over the past year. In this unbiased Triple Threat Trade review we reveal what is behind this scam offer of free trading software and all the evidence we have put together to show you that this is a solid scam.

We hope that this review will prevent people from wasting their money by using the Triple Threat Trade software in the hope that it will bring them great wealth from binary options trading.The idea behind Triple Threat Trade App is that it is designed to help people into trading in binary options, at a lower risk than other type of trading software. This is what Paul Parker, creator of the Triple Threat Trade system, says and he also claims to have made $22.4millon with his trades over the past year.

The free Triple Threat Trade App gives you access to binary options signals that show you how to get the best return on your trades. Everything is set up to make it very easy, so that anyone can start trading in the markets for currencies and stocks, with twenty-four hour access to the Triple Threat Trade software.This is a web based system that will work on a smart phone or a tablet as well as on all types of computer, without the need to download any special software.There is also a $1000 bonus on offer when you fund your trading account through the Triple Threat Trade website.

Why the Triple Threat Trade System is Scam – Not Winning !

Triple Threat Trade Software

You are not required to have any experience in trading binary options, and you are expected to learn how to do it successfully as you follow a professional trader to see how he is making his money.You will receive between 23 and 67 Triple Threat Trade signals on an average day. This is supposed to enable you to turn a deposit of $250 into more than $77,000 within a few days.The Triple Threat Trade system is fully automatic and it is available online once you have opened a trading account through a link on the review website and have funded it with at least $250 for your binary options trades.

What is the Evidence that Triple Threat Trade is a Scam?

There are a whole lot of signs indicating that Triple Threat Trade software has been set up to be deliberately deceptive. We will explain all the reasons in this section of our review and tell you why it is an obvious scam. Our research for this review has uncovered many misleading promises and scam tactics that are used by Triple Threat Trade and we have found nothing that backs up any of the claims being made about the amount of profits Triple Threat Trade signals are said to be generating.

First of all, in researching for this review we have found no search results for any leading binary options trader by the name of Paul Parker. This person has no presence online, which suggests that he does not actually exist. The picture you see in the Triple Threat Trade website of him has been taken from a stock image website. “Paul Parker” is in fact just a made-up person for the purposes of getting you to believe a fake claim that he has made millions with his own trading system.

The screenshot showing millions of dollars in TripleThreatTrade.com website is obviously not genuine. It is very easy to falsify an image like this, and it is something all scam operators do. If his binary options trades over the past year really had been 99.8 accurate, and made him millions in profits, there are better ways he could have chosen to prove this online.

Fake Triple Threat Trade Method Reviews and Testimonials 

Fake testimonials are also used on the website, to attract people into signing up for the Triple Threat Trade scam. There are four profiles featured on the homepage, showing happy traders in Australia, the UK, Singapore and the US. Each of them is urging you not to miss the opportunity to make an incredible amount of profit. It is plain to see that these are not genuine testimonials. The way they read is not how anyone would write naturally. All of their comments sound just like phrases you hear and see all the time in ads.

The pressure that is put on you to join Triple Threat Trade system is also typical of a scam. The clock ticking and the number of visitors on the page are clearly put there to make you think that you have to act fast or you will miss out on the opportunity. We have visited the website on a number of occasions and nothing changes. There is no time limit to signing up for the trading software. The sense of urgency is just another typical scam tactic to get you to deposit funds in a trading account that is linked to the website.

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There is a whole lot of evidence, which we have examined for this review, to show that Triple Threat Trade is a scam and there is no such thing as a guarantee of achieving a 99.8% success rate.There is no leading binary options trader by the name of Paul Parker. The picture of him is just a stock image and the screenshot of his Multi Million dollar account has obviously been faked. The four testimonials on the website are unconvincing as being real comments from genuine traders. The whole thing is set up to deceive.The conclusion of this review is that this is scam software and you would not gain huge amounts of profits if you were to fund a trading account through Triple Threat Trade method.Always check our scam binary options signals page before you sign up with any bogus software or App’s .

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