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 Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about Verified Trader .It’s unfortunate to announce that the Verified Trader app is just hype and is far from what it appears to be. It has existed for close to one year now, and since then, no one has ever come out in broad daylight to claim that they made money using it. So, what does this tell you? It’s a warning that you should not proceed. Our comprehensive Verified Trader review will reveal everything about the system.

Verified Trader App – Whats it all about?

When you come across it for the first time, you will find yourself wondering whether Verified Trader is a scam. People ask questions like ‘’Is Verified Trader scam? Can I invest in it?’’ These questions come about as a result of the unrealistic promises they are being fed with when they visit the Verified Trader software website.

Let’s get this clear

They claim that this software can make you anywhere between $600 and $4,000 a day. But if you try to look for more convincing reasons why these goals might be achieved, you find none.

Verified Trader system also claim that 20 spots are remaining and that people should move with haste to sign up before the offer can expire or before chances can be taken. What baffles us most is that those slots never get filled up, despite the traffic which they claim their website is receiving each day.

To sound more convincing, the Verified Trader app website links to another website called Veritrader.net. But it gets interesting when you suddenly realize that this Veritrader.net is just an extension of Verified Trader signals website. It acts like a blog which supports all activities going on in the main website.

We suspect foul play here, especially after considering that there is a lot of inconsistency between the main site and the blog.

For one, Verified Trader software claims to be an independent organization that verifies trades or account activities of individuals. They also claim that they offer a safe and effective platform which helps individuals check the legitimacy of software on the internet.

Website : Veritrader.net


However, if you try scrutinizing this website properly, you realize that it’s somehow connected with Verified Trades software – that is, it is owned by the same person who runs Verified Trader scam. So we cannot accept it as an independent third-party endorsement organization whatsoever.

Secondly, is it illegal to have access to financial data of individuals without their consent? And if this is illegal, why are they centering their operations on this activity? The simple answer is that they are scammers in general.

Third, this rogue site which claims to have endorsed Verified Trader app system falsely announced that the company, Verified Trader, was going to announce its initial Public Offering (IPO) on 1st, October, 2015. Till this date, Verified Trader program has never gone public. Again, this is proof that we are dealing with a none-existent entity which is only related to the rogue endorsement website spreading lies on the web. This evidence nullifies every statistic or the so-called beta testers’ results. You shouldn’t be taken for a ride!

Verified Trader has used false dates to convince victims

According to the criminals who run the Verified Trader scam program and its website, this business has been in operation since 2014. Most of the beta testers first made their profits back in 2014, and are now filthy rich individuals.

While delving for this Verified Trader review, we got evidences which shows that the software came into existence in 2015, and thus no one could have used it in 2014 or earlier. We are simply not sure how this could have happened when the software did not exist at the time.

Yet again, this serves to convince us that the beta testers’ stats we are seeing were only fabricated. It’s very consistent when you look at it from this perspective.

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The false twitter feed

Normally, when a website owner chooses to embed social media widgets onto their site, they usually make it possible to view the various social profiles of people who actively contribute in this section. By the way, this feature comes by default in these widgets.

But in Verified Trader software site’s case, we are seeing faces of people who seem to thank the owner of Verified Trader system for changing their lives. Some are even quoting abnormal profits allegedly made from the use of this software. However, if you point your mouse on their faces so as to view their profile, the links take you to nowhere. Again, this is evidence that these scammers were using false social media feeds. They lifted photos from the internet, and then fabricated the Verified Trader testimonials to make it as a legit software.

Verified Trader program has been under development for 10 years, but where’s the proof?

Because they are fraudulent, they leave red flags behind. It’s as if they are advertising that what they are promoting is just a scam.

If you come to think about this statement where they announced that their Verified Trader software has been tested and tested again for not less than 10 years, you notice that no proof is being given whatsoever. People continue to talk and praise this software but nothing solid is coming up as evidence.

We cannot trust the owner of this website. We know that this is just reverse psychology being played here, which is why he is quick to announce that there is so much scam on the web, and that his Verified Trader system is different, thanks to the fact that it was subjected to 10 years of research.


Support claims they offer chat functionality; where is it?

They claim to have an all-round support team that works 24/7, and that you will be given the cell phone number of your personal manager. This is hot air friends. The Verified Trader site doesn’t offer any form of two-way communication with victims. Show us the chat box on the official site and we will know that a support team actually exists.

24/7 trading

Who says you can trade during the weekends? Markets remain closed during weekends until late Sunday evening, when some markets start showing activities.

So why are they promising that Verified Trader software will help you trade during off-peak hours of the market? Well, all they want is money from you.

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Conclusion :

Verified Trader app is a hype that will get you nowhere. Please be advised that this is a big hoax that guys are running away from. So come back to reality and save your $250. It is very expensive to lose that much to a random stranger who fooled you on the internet. Hope this Verified Trader review was helpful for you.



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