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Read this important Virtual Income App Review before you join this Scam,we will try to lay down the facts, why you shouldn’t be convinced otherwise.It is a very rude statement indeed for someone to tell you that you will earn $10,812 every day doing absolutely nothing with this Virtual Income Software. This is mockery of the highest order because the same people who spread these scams say that you only need to work a few minutes a day and that money will be all yours, each day of the week, 365 days a year. The Virtual Income system is an outright scam from its introduction to how people are talking about it.

Is Virtual Income APP a scam?

We have started to question why the owner of virtualincome (who has also chosen to stay anonymous) is telling traders that they will be making $2,500 in daily profits as opposed to the initially stated sum of $10,812. This is a number game that doesn’t make sense. The income gains stated in that Virtual Income site’s video are false, and not realistic. Nothing will change the fact that no binary trading software will make you $2,500 a day because that figure is just too high even for the most accurate of trading programs out there.

But why did he choose to remain anonymous? We don’t know, and we are fearing that we might never get to understand why. There is a lot of mislead statements coupled with false credentials. In short, Virtual Income system is a dangerous money-generating scheme that you shouldn’t fall for. Many of those who have already funded their broker accounts are crying because they lost their $250.

Virtual Income Review – False promises of Guaranteed Profits !

Virtual Income APP

Fraudsters love to talk ignorantly hoping to get away with it. Right now, they are saying that Virtual Income software will generate you profits, and that this is guaranteed no matter what happens.However, it’s a fact that the money market is unpredictable, and nothing is guaranteed whether this is binary options or Forex.There are often good and bad days. But overall, traders will try pursuing consistent methods that bring out positive results. Until that can happen, they can never assign a specific percentage or proclaim that their Virtual Income method is a guarantee for winning trades. So the claims of guaranteed success with some trading bots in the market are false, and will typically be perpetrated by false vendors, affiliates and brokers.

The anonymous guy behind Virtual Income APP

If he cannot say who he is and what he does, then we don’t see any reason why we should trust him with our money. This is a trend that all scams follow. If Virtual Income Platform was genuine like he claims, he wouldn’t be hiding while presenting his software to the world. So this is obviously bogus and lame.He has made a few statements about how his software works. But again, these statements are not in-depth, and neither are they consistent. They portray very shallow knowledge that does not even answer the most basic questions that a newbie binary trader can ask.

He says Virtual Income software invests in Forex and stock commodities in general. Yet again, he claims that his system is based on binary options. However, it is quite clear that this platform has nothing to do with Forex. And by making such bizarre claims, we can only say that this man has no idea what binary options/Forex means. He is just writing and voicing over things which he has little to no knowledge about.

Will you trust Virtual Income signals?

They say they want a few more investors to prove a point to the world. They also claim they need to go public as soon as they can, and that they will be offering their IPO live in the future.But how come we cannot find any information regarding this company or the software Virtual Income app? The only information available is that which is found at Virtualincome website and probably in a few spun reviews that cannot be trusted either.

Because nothing is suggesting about the credibility of Virtual Income system, we can assume that these are crooks looking to net as many victims as they can. Virtual Income scam has the usual paid actors to fake it till they make it on video. The paid actors do the usual thing that they are good at — lying to the world that they’ve made more money than they ever needed and that they are now living their dream life, thanks to Virtual Income App.

The thousands of dollars you’re seeing are fabricated screenshots, and nothing holds true in any of the stuff you’re seeing concerning this bogus trading bot.We hate the screen shots because they don’t have content at all. They only emphasize like 100 times that you will make countless of dollars, and that their Virtual Income APP is safe to use. This is a far cry from what serious traders want to hear before investing their hard earned $250 into this system.

Any verification?

No, there isn’t, and all those claims we have encountered on the official site aren’t real. They have not been backed up, plus no one has approved Virtual Income software as safe to use.

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Word about the Virtual Income website and its members

There is this thing we call Time-sensitive information. What this means is that time is an unchangeable factor, and that when you start to rumble and you give ”facts” that don’t match time, our statements end up being undeniably denied.Also, according to Who is, this domain was registered on 23.01.2016 and updated on 10.03.2016. What this means is that the website has only been live for the last 14 days or so. It’s not even a month old dear reader.

But even if it went live 2 months ago, it wouldn’t make any difference when we consider the time-sensitive information as shown on the snap shots.To be very specific with this Virtual Income review, let’s scroll down the page to view screenshot testimonials of how some users are getting happier with the results they are getting with this software.Lucy Gale signed up on the 28th of December. Hendy Howes made a clean $300k dollars in the month of October 2015. Can someone explain how these people made money with a platform that didn’t exist at the time?

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Conclusion : Virtual Income App is Complete Scam !!

This review can only ask countless questions which will never be answered since this is nothing more than a scam. The owner/owners of Virtual Income signals only dwell on lies. This is one of the most dangerous scams to ever fall for, and no matter what reviews you come across, you must not be convinced otherwise.

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