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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Wealth Crew. Wealth Crew was recently introduced into the binary options market. It is scam software that lies about giving high returns but fails to deliver on the same. It is linked to several negative reviews where traders are complaining about losing their investment. In addition, Wealth Crew scam has other signs that relay the fears that it is a swindle.

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Wealth Crew App Review

WealthCrew software is an auto-trader that provides assurance that it makes huge returns. However, if you review it keenly, you will realize that it ranks poorly on Google Trends. The introduction of this program in the Wealth Crew’ website does not provide enough information about how the software works.

Wealth Crew system is not safe and putting your money in it is a big risk. The presentation video is not well-made and only serves to market the software. It is using a video similar to what other deceitful software use.

The worse thing is all the people in the video including Nathan Schimdit are paid actors. They speak so elegantly about the system, yeah from a scripted lines. We knew Wealth Crew is a scam the moment we saw their outrageous claims and lies from the start to the end of the video presentation.

Although there are claims that this software originates from financial advisers, mathematicians, programmers and data scientists, this system does not look like much. The claimed 80 years of experience from these combined resources does not show at all. There is also no mention of the names of these specialists, and they do not appear in the presentation. This adds to the doubts about the WealthCrew program.

How Does Wealth Crew Work?

Wealth Crew scam targets unsuspecting traders who may not know the operations of the binary options market. It tries to win over as many traders as possible at the beginning before they realize that this program does not make profit.

It is among those swindle products that aim to confuse people and makes it hard for them to understand how it works. Wealth Crew system platform just claims to offer high returns in a short period without giving details about how it achieves that.

There are claims that the software investigates the market every hour in order to predict upcoming trades. However, this does not work since it has not earned anyone profit. The algorithm is further not accurate.

It even claims an unachievable execution rate of 0.28 seconds. This platform further does not use legitimate signals.

There are also lies that the software has about 3,000 investors with a combined profit of $14,000,000 from WealthCrew. However, you cannot trace these returns to actual traders since there are only negative reviews and complaints about this platform.

You will not find even a single success story despite the huge number of traders claimed to be using this binary options system. It then leaves the statement as empty words which only serve to make the program appear credible. There are equally no reviews about it from credible sources.

What is WealthCrew Software?

Wealth Crew program is fully automated, and it is said to be a simple algo-trading system. It is also claimed to have been developed by specialists with extensive experience in programming and finance.

This platform is said to analyze information from the market before making a prediction. Nonetheless, you will not find evidence of this, and the testimonials shown are stock models, if you just take any of the image and google, you’ll know. There are also claims that Wealth Crew app provides 140 signals in a day on the website but the video quotes the number at 120 signals per hour. You will find this kind of confusion is common in scam software.

Moreover, there is no mention of the names of the creators of the software. You therefore cannot do a search to know whether they have benefited from the platform and to ask them further questions. Only the presenter is mentioned as Nathan.

Is Wealth Crew a Scam?

Our detailed and honest Wealth Crew review shows that it is not a trustworthy system. It is a scam and more evidence about this software is negative. It is neither profitable nor reliable. It is further presented by a cartoon element which is an indication that the owners do not want to be known.

You will not find consistent information about how the Wealth Crew software works. Furthermore, the misleading information is typical of deceitful software. It will be a mistake to put your money in this trading software.

Besides, the presenter claims that the software had 1,000 failures before it became a success. This is another warning sign not to trust this system. What’s more, the individuals who came-up with this trading software have not been involved in binary options trading before.


There is also an allegation that WealthCrew program can analyze millions of bytes in just 0.28 seconds and is able to examine ongoing occurrences. This is only an utterance that does not show from the results of this software.

You will hear a lot of promising details but they do not materialize in the end. In addition, there is an alleged winning rate of about seventy percent. This rate is however lower than what other authentic binary options platforms offer.

The website of Wealth Crew software has many questionable statements. It is a huge risk to put your money in this trading platform. The mostly likely outcome is that you will lose it to the hands of a few individuals.

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What is the Price to Use WealthCrew App?

This software claims to be free for the first 5,000 users. This limitation resembles the one used by other scams to get traders to sign-up as quickly as possible. It is a misleading marketing line that advertises the software as scarce, when it is not.

In addition, the presenter, Nathan, states that the aim of Wealth Crew is to facilitate binary options trading to individuals worldwide. This goal is not achievable with the restricted number of free subscriptions. The allegation that the software was perfected from trading data also has no proof.

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Conclusion :

When you review all the information about this software, you will realize that Wealth Crew is a scam. It is clearly a rip-off in all ways, from the presentation video to the kind of negative results that it generates. Wealth Crew makes traders lose all their investments.

It is not a legitimate binary options systems and do not expect it to make you profit, let alone return your initial investment. Moreover, it has many negative reviews online, and you should not expect to be an exception. This is not a recommendable investment engine especially since there is no information about the creators of the software.

You will also not find information of traders who have made returns with Wealth Crew scam. It is just a deceitful system, and there are many reasons to support this conclusion. Hope our in depth and authentic Wealth Crew review was helpful to take a decision, which is to stay away from it.


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