Wells Investments Ltd Review – Scam Aware!

Wells Investments LTD unbiased review reveals that Nicholas Wells is making a highly deceptive offer that cannot be considered anything else but scam.

Don’t put your money into the Wells Investments Scam. This system, designed by Nicholas Wells is not any better than the scams we’ve reviewed in the past. We have also noticed that Nicolas Wells has sugar-coated his software with the phrase – Automated Asset Manager to make it sound genuine when it’s not.

This Wells Investments Ltd review was prepared after carrying out investigations into the said system. We also wanted to find out whether or not people were making money with it. Unfortunately, all traders who had the earliest opportunity to get involved with Wells Investments system lost their investments. This is sad news indeed. But most importantly, we should learn from these traders so we don’t fall into the same pitfall.

Why Wells Investments Is Scam !! Real Evidences !

Wells Investments Ltd

We already have all the credible evidences to believe that the team behind Wells Investments Ltd team will steal your money and nothing more.This ”automated asset manager” has copied the exact user interface seen with Citidel Ltd , and we’re just wondering why they are claiming their system is unique when it’s not.The claim of making $879.26 every hour (on autopilot) is of course false. Nicolas Wells claims that making a good income as promised on the official website of Wells Investments signals is 100% guaranteed. But we can only take that statement with 100% doubt, especially now that we’ve engaged with several other traders who have lost money with the Wells Investments App.

Evidence of the usual sales gimmicks

History of how the fake Wells Investments website came into existence.The voice narrator doesn’t sound convincing either. He claims Nicolas quit his job at the Wall Street 5 years ago. At the time, he was already the best-performing swap trader in Walls Street.He claims after quitting his job, Nicolas decided to form another investment firm and work with a few individuals to profit from the Walls Street competitive financial market.The scam narrator goes ahead to lie to the world that Wells Investments Ltd is today a big company with over 200 employees and 3.1 billion dollars in customer portfolio.

The same person lying in that intro video goes ahead to say that Wells Investments App was created by Nicolas himself and a team of other top-notch developers.The Autotrading App is supposed to auto-trade assets on HFT algorithm or High Frequency Trading. They claim the algorithm of Wells Investments system is connected to the stock exchange market, and can execute 1000 trades a day or more. And by doing this, it’s able to 100% accurately manage customer portfolio fully on automation.Other reports claim that the software is able to run 950,000 trades per day. However, you should know that there is no grain of truth in all this. It is just pure meaningless talk you shouldn’t trust no matter how hard reviewers would like to convince you out there.

The Person behind Wells Investments software is Fake !!

In the introduction video, the narrator doesn’t face his audience like any other genuine narrator would do. We can only hear his voice, plus it’s not clear whether or not he is the owner of Wellsinvestments.co trying to present the world a bunch of lies on why people should trust him.So far, we haven’t encountered any of the faces giving their testimonials on Fiverr.com. But that does not change the fact that this signals App is a fraud. It only means that the owner of Wells Investments method now knows that the first thing investigators like us do is to head to Fiverr.com to look for evidence of paid actors.

He says he worked for a Wall street firm 5 years ago. The firm he is associating himself with doesn’t know him, and neither does Google or any social media site out there.Now the question is, if this was genuine, why haven’t they taken their time to create a LinkedIn profile? Why are they not on Facebook or Twitter either? And why is Google not associating him with any investment firm?

Until those questions can be answered by him, we cannot blindly encourage anyone to put their hard-earned $250 into this Wells Investments App.So definitely this idea of Automated Asset Manager by Wells Investments Ltd program is a made-up story. It’s anonymous since the whole internet doesn’t have any information to prove the credibility of the official website.

More Fabrications Exposed for Scam Site under investigation!

We have endeavoured to find evidence of the review on Reuters.com for the Wells Investments Ltd Software by Tanya Agrawal. It is nowhere to be found. Granted that Tanya Agrawal, is in fact a journalist for Reuters.com but evidence that she wrote a review titled “Wells Investments LTD. Secretly taking over Wall Street” cannot be found anywhere.

Wells Investments Ltd

Any results from search on Wells Investments only lead to Wells Fargo location and there is no available reviews on Well Investments or their secret software.

The Wells Investments Ltd System Win Rate is Low !!

Anyone with experience in the binary trading industry should definitely know that no system can generate 950,000 trades in a day. This is insane because we don’t have any manual or automated HFT methods that are able to come close to that figure. Furthermore, making $879.26 per hour is purely exaggerated. You cannot make that kind of money in an hour no matter which automated software you use.

Reports of traders losing money have begun emerging on the internet

All traders who use Wells Investments software lose all their account deposit in the first 3 hours of trading. Secondly, when they try reaching customer support, no one answers their call or email. They ultimately count their losses and give up.A close investigation reveals that this App is a close mirror of Citidel Ltd, and we wonder why. All these are genuine concerns we have taken seriously in this review. This means that if you ignore the advice in this review, you will end up losing your first and subsequent deposits. But we believe that once beaten, you become twice shy due to what you just experienced.

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Conclusion – Wells Investments Ltd APP is Scam !!! 

As always, fake reviews will blubber on how good this Wells Investments software is and why you should hurry to sign up. But that’s the order of the day for most binary options scams on the web today. They create a haste atmosphere to make you believe that any wasting of time will see you getting locked out of the opportunity. But this is a tactic they use to fool you. The same people are also very willing to channel fake paid reviews that justify the use of their software on the internet. Do not believe these people. Do not believe Wells Investments system!

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