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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The My Winning System . My Winning System is old scam just whose became viral these days. Unfortunately, for them we came across the renovated website and we`ll immediately warn our followers. Note how all the claims spread across the promotional page sound really lucrative. Therefore, It instantly rises doubts in your mind. That’s normal, and you should be feeling that way because if not, you`ll probably sign and lose money. Have you recently come across an automated trading binary options system named as My Winning System app? Well, if you have stumbled upon this review, then you are in the right place. Take a few minutes to read this review before you register on their website. Know this that this review will let you gain an insight on how this website works. After that, you can make your own judgment whether My Winning System software is a legit and an authentic trading website or if it is a scam. We have done thorough research over the system and came up with this authentic My Winning System review. Keep reading.

Website: mywinningsystem.com


Why My Winning System is a Scam?

My Winning System signals software is an online trading system which is binary options automated trading software. It is based on the application of complicated algorithms, code and uses supercomputers to do the work. However, not much information is provided on the website or the video of My Winning System program. According to what is displayed on the website and shown in the video, a person is likely to be able to make $3,200 every single day. In a month or so, it’s guaranteed to turn the traders into millionaires.

Who is the creator of My Winning System website?

The creator of the website is Matthew Pears, who is also claimed to be the head developer of this software. In the video on the My Winning System website, not much information Is provided on how this My Winning System software works or what the risk factors are. Moreover, no risk factor is mentioned. There are live testing results and no back testing or forward testing has been done on this automated trading website. There are a few basic things are missing out on My Winning System website.

In doing some investigation, it has been found out that the person named Matthew Pears is in no way associated with My Winning System app. He uses a fake identity to make an appearance on this website, claiming it to be his. He makes false claims which are very impractical and cannot be attained. Such claims are misleading and not at all expected from a legit and a real automated trading website. This is a red flag that points to the fact that My Winning System App is a scam.

Analysis of the My Winning System scam website

The first thing that is to be noticed about My Winning System app is the look of the website. Like all other scam software and systems out there, My Winning System software website has a promotional video, unreliable promises and claims and unbelievable success rates.

There is no comment section where the users can share their reviews, experiences or comments. This is a feature that is absolutely required for any authentic website, especially a website that has been set up recently and is trying to make its name in the global economic world. Reviews and others’ experiences help the new users know more about the system and that can help them in making their decisions. However, that is absent in My Winning System website.

Next, the success rate is shown to be 98%. This is very high in regard to the fact that the My Winning System program, is a trading system where wins and losses go hand in hand. There is no guarantee when a person will win or lose a trade. Over a long period of time, when the activities are considered, a suitable curve can be drawn. However, it still cannot be believed that this trading website has a success rate as high as this. The well-known trading systems in the world do not nearly have profits as high as the My Winning System App does. This leaves room for suspicion.

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We all know that it takes a lot of effort, hard work, and smart work along with time, experience and skills in order to make millions of dollars. It does not happen overnight, more so, it does not happen by making a few clicks on a website. My Winning System scam website works on that principle exactly and that is a big reason why is regarded as a scam. The top auto trading systems which are highly recommended by the top traders in the world, do not make that kind of money on a regular basis neither do they have a success rate over a consistent period of time as high as My Winning System program has. Therefore, it is only natural that the My Winning System software website is not a legit one.

My Winning System Scam

My Winning System Testimonials and Endorsements

The testimonials provided in the video are not real. They are the hired actors who have been instructed to make their speeches and they are paid a certain amount of money per a specific number of words.

The endorsement tags which are there on the website are not real. They have been displayed there just for making it look like a proved and legit website, but if you investigate and research a little, you will find out that the My Winning System scam website has not been advertised or reviewed by any of the company websites. Thus, the endorsement badges are fake.

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Conclusion: My Winning System is a Scam

All things considered, the case that My Winning System scam makes him $650,000 every year like he claims. On the off-chance that he regards fake tributes as evidence this is valid, then we are exceptionally sad in light of the fact that we are not going to take this as confirmation.

So it develops that even the photograph of this man is not genuine. The Mr. Mathews you’re seeing on the landing page is only a stock photograph. The promo video just shows fake financial balance data. On the off-chance that we may ask; have you ever seen a financial balance with a username rather than full name?

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that the My Winning System review has proved that this system is a scam.


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