Your Legacy Club Review – Scam Aware!

Important Warning !! Bill O’Dohety of Your Legacy Club system is Scam.We investigated for this review, to find out if YourLegacy.Club software is a scam or not. We soon discovered that it appears to be a scam trading offer and if you fund a broker account to trade with this binary options system, the “No Loss” guarantee will not protect your deposit. All the facts which are revealed in this Your Legacy Club review signify that it is a big scam.

What is Your Legacy Club System ?

There is no actual club to join. This is just an offer to download free software and trade with Your Legacy Club signals. The money-making opportunity is presented as if it is an offer from millionaire Bill O’Doherty for personal coaching in binary options trading. You are promised that there is no risk of any losses when trading with Your Legacy Club App because, for every dollar you invest in binary options, Bill O’Doherty will match your deposit with the same amount of his own money.

For example, when you download Your Legacy Club software and deposit $250 into a new broker account, you will start trading with a balance of $500. When your trading profits reach $10,000 you get to keep $9750, because you must pay back the free bonus you received when you started. You can start again after withdrawing your share of the profits, because Bill O’Doherty will always double your deposit, as long as you agree to pay him back each time, when you have made thousands in profits!

Why Your Legacy Club App is Scam by Bill O’Doherty ? Review 

Your Legacy Club App

In his presentation, the founder of Your Legacy Club method says that he has worked for many years as a top consultant and is an advisor to firms such as Citibank, J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. He says he was only 19 when he launched his first public company and since then he has been learning how to manipulate the financial industry. This has made him a millionaire and now he wants to help a limited number of people to become millionaires, by teaching them about binary options.

The Your Legacy Club Software is Risky

We have rock solid evidence that the “No loss” guarantee from YourLegacy Club providers means absolutely nothing and your money at risk. We reveal the truth about Your Legacy Club scam in this part of our review, to show you that it is being promoted by fake credentials, false names and empty promises.When you accept the offer to partner with the generous millionaire, you are told that he guarantees to turn your $250 deposit into $10,000. In the video presentation he keeps on insisting that you cannot lose because it’s his money on the line! He does not explain what happens if you get a run of losing trades and your deposit shrinks to less than $100. The truth is, in a losing situation you will get nothing back!

You will receive a matched deposit bonus when you start to trade, but if your losses are greater than your winning trades, you could lose a lot of your own money. It is quite normal for a binary options broker to offer a free bonus to new traders. This does not mean there is no risk of losing your own money.Although $250 is the minimum amount you can deposit, you are encouraged by Your Legacy Club system to start with more. An example is given to show you that when you invest $600 you will start with $1200 and you are told that you can grow it to $20,000 before withdrawing $19,400 and giving $600 back to Bill O’Doherty.

The YourLegacy.Club Uses Fake Badges and Testimonials 

Our investigation for this YourLegacy.Club review has found no evidence that the man you see in the photos and on the video is a millionaire with years of experience in the financial industry. Many photos are featured on the website, including pictures of Bill O’Doherty at a book signing. His book is described as being a New York Times bestseller, but you are never told the title. You should be able to see the book title in the publicity shots, but these photos have obviously been set up to promote Your Legacy Club scam. Have you ever heard of any bestselling authors who would not want to give the name of their own book!

Our research for this review proves that Your Legacy Club system has never been featured by CNN Money, Bloomberg, Sky News, Nikkei Asian Review or the Financial Times. The screenshots of articles from those sites are all fakes.False credentials are prominently displayed on the website, with logos and badges that look like awards and endorsements from authority sites. If you look at these closely, you will see that Your Legacy Club App is supposed to have won Software Awards 2016 and Top Profit System 2016 – by February of this year and within days of its launch! There are no real organizations connected with any of the badges.

You will also find many testimonials on the webpage, from members endorsing Your Legacy Club program, but none of them is genuine. Our online searches did not bring up any review from a genuine trader who has tested Your Legacy Club system. We found no information online about the founder of YourLegacy.club software and there are no genuine endorsements from any members who have tried the system.At the time of our investigation for this review, no real traders had posted anything about it in the financial forums or on trading discussion boards. We therefore found no evidence of any trading results and nothing at all about the quality of the trading software or the reliability of Your Legacy Club signals. The focus of the scam is all about getting you to deposit a significant amount of your own money in a new broker account.

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Conclusion – The Your Legacy Club App is Scam !!!

Our investigation for this review has revealed that there is nothing genuine about the website for Your Legacy Club team. It is a scam and you are supposed to depend on a mythical millionaire to guide you towards making thousands of dollars every week! The “No Loss” guarantee will not give you back any of your own money if the trading signals turn out not to be reliable.

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