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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Zen Trader Review, Don’t think for a second , The Zen Trader App is a Complete Scam !! Looking for a mere 7% of your trading profits as compensation for using their Zen Trader software. These crooks will fleece everyone duped into their scam for nothing short of 100%

Remarkable as it may sound, The Zen Trader presentation actually makes one fair comment during its promotional video. The anonymous narrator mentions that prospective binary traders should never trust an operation claiming to be giving away its Zen Trader software. I’ll qualify this right away by making it absolutely clear that this is a total scam operation – but it serves as good ‘insider advice’ from the scammer’s perspective on how easy it can be to lure in new victims. Sometimes it’s enlightening to observe the criminal’s logic.

As we’ll make very clear during this review of the Zen Trader platform, this entire project is based upon tried and proven scam software that’s entirely discredited as being anything but a total scam. More so, the site even goes as far as basically advertising its scam credentials in the unusually long small print that accompanies sign up applications. Don’t trust a word that they say – investing in this Zen Trader software is only going to lead to complete loss of all funds! Read on for further proof!

website: thezentrader.co


Why Zen Trader Is Scam ?? Review Exposing Facts !!

While The Zen Trader App is a very recent addition to the binary scams marketplace, it’s clear that the villains behind this scheme have done their homework. Great play is made during the presentation that suggests investors will somehow turn just a $250 startup deposit into easily $1k profits/day. We’ll discuss this in depth a little later, but for now we need to concentrate on why potential investors are being offered this supposedly miraculous software.

One of the golden rules of binary investment – and many other online trading options – is that if it’s offered for free it’s 100% going to be a scam. This is genuinely the case every single time. No matter how appealing their claims might sound, never ever trust a freebie. The Zen Trader web presentation explains that in exchange for using their software they will take a mere 7% on profits alone generated through their user’s participation. Given that they happily advertise annual income of around $1.3m for every investor, that’s pretty small change in exchange for long term financial security and freedom.

Naturally it’s complete rubbish – there’s no way a binary trading App can generate the touted 93% successful trading ratio advertised on The Zen Trader website. Much as we’d all like to believe it, the truth is that it’s impossible to guarantee this even on a single day’s trading, let alone indefinitely into the longer term. To put this into layman’s words, consider automatic trading to be a form of science.

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Zen Trader Scam Review – All you have missed to see!

In general, when you land on flashy website promising to make you rich for short period of time, you must become very cautious! So far, we have never come across such offer, which delivers good results. Keep in mind that we have investigated hundreds if not thousands of software solutions so far. Based on that huge experience we can conclude that every “too good to be true offer” must be avoided.

How The Zen Trader Software Works?

Based on the information exposed we talk about software, which is supposed to make you rich in exchange of 7% of your profits. There are no further details exposed, which is very fishy. Moreover, skipping to provide transparent information on such important matter is unprofessional.

Estimated Profits, are they realistic?

No, folks do not be fooled here! Initial investment of $250, cannot generate $1000 profits for one day! Moreover, with this trading system you`ll lose your capital. Here we would like to give an example for all people who are not familiar, and do not know what is realistic. We want to explain that if you have such budget and you use good trading application you can make around $100 per day.

Who are the people behind this service?

Another very dubious detail. All the individuals who participate are either hidden / anonymous or fake identities. This fact really drops the reputation of the Zen Trader tremendously. Therefore, we can’t trust to people who do not dare to show their faces or they use phony identities!

Fake Zen Trader App Testimonials & Reviews !!


As would be expected this Zen Trader scam uses proven actors and stock photos (credit due to Google’s image search) in order to prove that the testimonials and fake Zen Trader reviews offered by alleged happy customers is completely made up. That’s fraud, pure and simple. Throw in that they also don’t offer any legitimate contact details, proof of regulation, or even a country of origin. Naturally this makes it very easy for them to pass on funds – minus a hearty commission – to rogue traders who will use this scam software to rapidly run a customer’s account dry.

Unfortunately as we’ve seen time and again with other scams, The Zen Trader suggests that it offers 24 hour live online customer service. There’s no genuine reviews or evidence that this exists beyond encouraging people to further invest more good money after bad. Indeed, The Zen Trader site makes it explicitly clear that they are entitled to change ALL TERMS OF SERVICE with individual clients as they see fit at any time. To put it simply, this entitles them to operate entirely as they wish and without a care in the world for their ‘clients’.

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Conclusion :

Quick but sharp and straight to the point exposure review! This software is just a cheap scam aiming to steal your money! We cannot let you register here because the outcome will be disasters for you! Truth is that similar looking trading opportunities are flooding the industry at the moment. Our best option is to ignore them and move on forward.
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