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Hey Its Christine Loghran With All answer Of your question about The Zero Loss Formula. Zero Loss Formula is new binary options trading opportunity. The offer is advertised as the World’s first no losing algorithm! The bold statement was made by the alleged founder and CEO Peter Morgan. All investors are estimated to experience financial freedom after they assign account with the Zero Loss Formula! Obviously this is little overextended and everything sounds little bit out of the box. We are here to research and find the truth, and eventually answer the question if all this is possible!

There’s a lot of hype going on in the Zero Loss Formula website. But we can assure you that all this is completely BS. The fraudsters don’t have your best interest at heart either. If you’re so gullible, you will lose money in these kinds of things. It’s certainly too good to be true when this character called Peter Morgan promises you millions of dollars in the next one month. Traders should know that all these promises are out of the reality. Even the promise of getting access to VIP treatment where the Zero Loss Formula software will make you $44,234,728 is completely rubbish. Giving them your email will only encourage these robbers to send you more of their marketing trickery.

Is Zero Loss Formula Software A Scam ? Review With Evidences !!

We always repeat to our readers, “do not trust too good to be true offers”. We are doing that clearly because we have something in mind. BinaryLeaks.com is dedicated to review and fight fraudulent services for over a year now. And to be honest after thousands of reviewed services we have never came across a legit one that can match the claims of this software solution. Simply because they are unrealistic and cannot be applied into the online trading. Now, we`ll move to our subject and share some inside information with you!

website : zerolossformula.com


Remember those extravagant fraud applications with fancy cars and the private jets? Well, ZeroLossFormula.com is another one of these scams! But even with all its glamour, these scammers cannot even get their facts straight. Traders are bombarded with empty promises regarding how they can harness the potential of becoming millionaires within a few weeks time, which of course if undoubtedly impossible and exaggerated. Naturally, these flashy incentives are implemented to distract traders from the fact these scam-artists have no clue what their talking about nor simple basics about binary options. For instance Mr Morgan claims binary trading is available seven days a week which is a complete lie. Everyone knows financial markets are closed on weekends, leaving binary trading available strictly Monday through Friday. Common knowledge you’d assume a “president” of a hedge fund would already know.

There are even remarks insinuating his organization has profited billions for the past fourteen years, which I’m happy to point out far exceeds the time when binary option trading was presented to the general public by six years. This pitiful mistake claiming to profit such large amounts before its existence is a clear indication something’s not right here. Unfortunately their lies continue to progress from bad to worse!

Who is the owner of Zero Loss Formula App?

Before you send your hard-earned cash to these people believing the fake positive reviews, do you have the slightest idea who the owner is?

Well, most gullible traders would say this Zero Loss Formula software is owned by Peter Morgan, and that he is also the CEO of the company.However, we have just disapproved the myth of this company ever existing, so why would you think Peter Morgan is a real character?

As a matter of fact, Peter Morgan is just a creation. He is not the real owner of the website. The real owner is probably hiding behind a computer somewhere in the world. We are sure that Peter Morgan is not his real name.

Even the old presenter who appears on camera with very bold statements was only hired to do the presentation. He was probably sourced from Fiverr because this is what they do on a full time basis. That is the reason you will find them promoting multiple scams on the internet since owners of those projects never realize that they have ever appeared on other projects as well.

The trading platform of Zero Loss Formula!

Inside this robot we have 2 types of trading options: Manual and Auto-trading. The Manual is not recommended for novice trades and the presenter does not focus to present the signals so he just skip them. The autopilot however, has additional feature called compound trading. Officially the option should re-invest portion of your previous profits in order to place bigger trades in the future, which should transform in larger profits. What actually will happen is that this option will just help the bot to wipe your account faster! Furthermore, the interface of the software has similar look to other scam services!

How the software works?

The presenter Peter Morgan, avoids to explain how “his amazing” algorithms work in details. Probably because he doesn’t know or it’s just too busy to throw deceptive information at us! However, at the end he said “it’s simply a news analyzing tool”. Well maybe it is or maybe it’s not, we`ll leave you to decide after you read the rest of this article.

Estimated profits ant ITM ratio!

According to the storyline, the Zero Loss Holdings has opened its doors for the public back in 2012 for 50 beta testers! Allegedly they are all millionaires now, and they even appear in the video to verify that but we`ll discuss the testimonials latter on! Important thing here is that the Peter claim that his amazing software was performing with 90% accuracy and all users where making between $600 to $3000 per day. Therefore, he goes even further and claims that after 2012 this money making opportunity has not lost a single trade! Well, in reality 90% accuracy cannot be maintained for long period of time! To claim that your software performs with 100% in the money ratio is outrageous! Don’t be fooled folks, this is impossible!

We’re already off to a bad start with double personalities and falsified companies for making this scam appear like a legitimate trading solution. However their malicious intentions for deceiving rookie investors doesn’t stop here. Since these crooked developers are fully aware their trading system is worthless, additional attempts with fake reviews are implemented from known actors. For example the man depicted below, a seemingly “innocent” old man making false claims of generating thousands through the use of the ZLF system. The issue i have with him is his deplorable reputation throughout the industry, encouraging newcoming traders to join countless scams which have never worked. His dedication to endorsing these useless programs is enough for me to declare he’s full of BS and NOT a trusted source. Ask yourself if Zero Loss Formula software were truly successful as they advertise, why aren’t they showing authentic reviews from actual users?

Acting Gig – https://uk.fiverr.com/banjoman15


Highest Performing Auto Trader of 2016!


Conclusion : 

As you review through the Zero Loss Formula site, you must have now more idea about this scam system, with only a video presentation that gives you headache at best. A fake spot counter keeps ticking away the number of spots until it reaches zero, then it starts counting again. We find this a very weird style of counting. And then it freaks us to come to the realization that no serious trader is talking or even endorsing Zero Loss Formula software, despite being marketed as the most successful trading robot out there. Stay away from such cheap tricks.

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  1. Thanks for exposing this scam system . I was about to deposit money with Zero Loss Formula .. you saved my $250 ..

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